Alert Message

Our values were built into the core of Earnest on day one. These values guide our ship, keeping us constantly aligned with what really matters: our clients.


We believe the first step to building an enduring relationship with our clients is by us trusting them. It is through knowledge that we will find trust. Our clients trust us with their information, and we will work hard to earn their trust and deliver the best experience to them everyday.


Our communication will always be transparent – with our clients, investors, within our team, and externally to the public.

Financial Prudence

We expect our clients to be financially responsible and so will we. We must always find ways to do more with less.

Dreams should be made real

Our purpose is to help people realize their hopes and dreams. This should be at the core of every action we take.

Focus on Technology

Traditional banks have lost themselves in the high cost physical infrastructure and standardized offerings of the past. We will use software to minimize our costs and deliver a hyper-personalized and fair product.

Long-term Value

We will optimize for the long-term in everything we do, both for our clients and our business.

Do not worry about failure

We worry only about the chances we miss if we do not try.

Focus on Clients

At Earnest, it is never about what clients would pay but instead what clients should pay.

Designed for Love

Our clients should love Earnest and so should our employees.