Our values were built into the core of Earnest on day one. These values guide our ship, keeping us constantly aligned with what really matters: our clients.

Earn Happy Clients

Client happiness is our true north. Each day, we strive to provide superior products and unrivaled service. We operate with the utmost integrity to earn our clients’ trust and nurture enduring relationships. We use data and empathy to understand our clients’ needs and technology to create a better product experience at every step.

Make It Happen

We work hard to deliver high-impact results at a rapid pace. Initiative, creativity, optimism and grit help us take ownership of challenges; craft thoughtful, high-quality solutions; and make the impossible possible.

Growth Mindset

We love challenges, enjoy rigorous effort, and learn from our mistakes as we continuously improve. Our culture of curiosity, risk-taking, and data-driven decision making encourages bold steps forward.

Do Great Things Together

Success is built on relationships. As such, we believe in the wisdom of our team. By collaborating cross-functionally—debating our diverse perspectives rigorously yet respectfully—we generate better ideas and arrive at better insights and decisions. We know that the best decisions are the product of disagreement and debate, not consensus or compromise.

Insist on High Standards

We have relentlessly high standards and continuously raise the bar on the quality of everything: our products, our services, our processes, and our people. If we fall short of our expectations, we don’t rationalize—we make it right.