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Cosign a Private Student Loan

Help your student earn their dream degree.

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Benefits of Earnest student loans for cosigners

Unparalleled transparency and service set Earnest apart
  • 2-minute eligibility check
  • Your own account to track application status and loan progress
  • Unlike Parent PLUS loans, no fees for origination, disbursement, or anything else

  • 9-month grace period (3 months more than most lenders)
  • Expert support from our Client Happiness team
  • 0.25% Auto Pay discount

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Am I eligible to be a student loan cosigner?

Before applying to cosign a private student loan with Earnest, use this quick checklist to confirm you meet our eligibility criteria. Please note that approval, terms, and rates depend on a review of your complete application.

Awesome! Ask your student to start the application at the page below.

Have Your Student Start Here

Awesome! Ask your student to start the application at the page below.

Have Your Student Start Here

Cosigners can unlock better interest rates

A creditworthy cosigner can mean major savings

Having a cosigner can help your student qualify for better chances of approval and a potentially lower interest rate. It also unlocks additional in-school repayment options that let the student jumpstart their repayment and reduce the loan cost. Learn about the difference between variable and fixed interest rates.

Variable Rates

Starting at 3.35% APR (including 0.25% Auto Pay discount)

Variable rates not available in AK, IL, MN, NH, OH, TN, and TX.

Fixed Rates

Starting at 4.69% APR (including 0.25% Auto Pay discount)

Common questions about being a student loan cosigner

What are my responsibilities as a student loan cosigner?

As a cosigner, you’ll share the same responsibility for paying back the loan as the student (primary borrower). Both the cosigner and student can build their credit with repayment of the loan, but likewise any missed payments can impact both credit reports.

What account access will I have as a cosigner?

You’ll have access to an online loan dashboard to set up payments, access loan documents and view loan details.

Can I be released from being a cosigner?

We do not offer the option to release a cosigner from the loan. You (the cosigner) and your student will be responsible for the loan until it is paid off.

Who is eligible to cosign an Earnest private student loan?

Generally speaking, a student loan cosigner is a creditworthy adult who is equally responsible for paying back the loan. This person is often a parent, but can also be another family member, guardian, etc.

Please keep in mind our minimum eligibility criteria for cosigners:

  • A U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident
  • 3+ years of good credit history
  • A minimum credit score of 650
  • No history of bankruptcy
  • Minimum yearly income of $35,000 (in USD)
  • Resident of Washington, D.C. or one of the states we lend in (all but AK, CT, DE, HI, IL, KY, NH, NV, OH, TX, VA)

View full eligibility details on our Eligibility page.

Learn more about being a cosigner on the Earnest blog

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