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Earnest Student Loan Refinancing Reviews

4.82/5 ( 208 reviews )

Earnest has helped thousands of grads pay less interest on their student loans. Refinancing also helps people simplify their bills and customize their payment plan to fit their needs. Check your rate estimate in 2min without affecting your credit score.

Sep 5, 2018

Best loan transfer ever

Honestly the most best experience ever for a refinance of a federal parent plus loan in my time. I've done 3 of them so I have all kinds of personal experience and i wouldn't recommend you going anywhere else but EARNEST!!!!!! THAT'S THE TRUTH...Hands down.

Harrisburg Area Community College-Harrisburg, Associates
Sep 5, 2018

Saved me a lot of money

Application process was straightforward and quick. Had a little trouble submitting the correct tax documents but it was well worth the effort as Earnest saved me many thousands of dollars over my previous student loan.

Whittier College, JD
Sep 5, 2018

Extremely easy and efficient

I have been trying to refinance my student loans for a few months now, finding it quite difficult because of the approval process. With Earnest, it took all but a few minutes and I was approved. The customer service is probably the most friendly customer service I have ever dealt with. I would definitely give this company a shot if I was looking to refinance student loans.

American University of Antigua, MD
Sep 5, 2018

Amazing customer service

I don't know how you do it, but your customer service is extraordinary. Your staff was texting with me with resolve issues, and providing help and useful info. It was incredible. I wish I could get my team to refinance with earnest just so they can get the customer service experience.

Georgetown University, MBA
Sep 2, 2018

Ease of Transition

I had put off for many years trying to transition my student loan. After seeing that it was clear I was only paying interest with AES and there was no end in sight, I decided to make the move. I researched on Forbes which companies were best, and Earnest show the best in transition and flexibility. The application process was quick and very easy online, my loan was approved same day and transferred within a few days. So far I am very pleased with Earnest and the service thus far.

Missouri State University-Springfield, Bachelors
Aug 31, 2018


Incredibly fast & easy application process. Incredible interest rates & the ability to make my own payment amount make this company the best I’ve ever worked with. As a physician assistant with a masters degree I’ve worked with 10+ loan companies throughout college & after, with one previous refinancing, I can not express how much better this company is to work with.

Saint Francis University, Other Masters
Aug 31, 2018


Simple, fast and excellent rates. The folks I spoke with at Earnest were very nice, helpful and knowledgeable. Very pleased

Stevens Institute of Technology, Bachelors
Aug 30, 2018

Very painless experience

I've been attempting to refinance my private student loans for years. I was paying from 6% to 10% interest, with no end in sight. My previous refinancing efforts did little to truly consolidate my loans, they only transferred them to a different lender. Although most of my application process with Ernest was online, Earnest seemed much more concerned with helping me than my current loan service providers ever had over the years. Ernest refinanced and consolidated my 2 large loans, I am saving thousand$ of dollars per year, and can finally see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Texas A & M University-College Station, Bachelors
Aug 30, 2018

Great experience!

The decision was almost instant. I got a better rate than I had on all my loans previously, and I was able to consolidate all at the same time.

South College, Bachelors
Aug 30, 2018

Excellent Experience

Earnest made it extremely easy to refinance my private loan. The website was user-friendly, and the process was very quick and simple. I would highly recommend Earnest to a friend!

Kettering University, Bachelors
Aug 30, 2018

Great customer support, great overall experience.

Application process was easy. My bank couldn't link into Earnest's system, most likely to my bank breaking their API's, as my Acorns account became unlinked sometime in the past month or so as well, but we were able to work around it. The Earnest online portal is very user friendly and the 2-3 times I had questions and wanted to speak to someone I was able to do so very quickly and easily. Lastly, being able to select from a scale of various terms depending on what was best for me was fantastic. Overall, recommend to anyone.

College of William and Mary, Bachelors
Aug 30, 2018

Easy, fast and the lowest interest rate around!

My experience with Earnest was incredibly positive! The application was easy and short and I received an answer very quickly. Once I committed to the offer, it took a few days but it was worth it. I received the lowest interest rate and reasonable payoff terms. I think that this is a great way to save money and pay off loans quickly.

University of Massachusetts-Amherst, Bachelors
Aug 30, 2018

So quick and easy

I was a little skeptical because all my other refi attempts with other companies did not really lower my interest rate. Earnest was quick, easy and really lowered my rate 2.5%.

California State Polytechnic University-Pomona, Masters of Science or Engineering
Aug 30, 2018

Painless Experience

The service Earnest provides is excellence! This whole experience was painless and they answer any questions that you have in a timely manner.

University of Wisconsin-Stout, Masters of Science or Engineering
Aug 25, 2018

Pleasant people but website doesn’t offer what I was promised

The people that I have spoken with were very friendly but during discussions with them I told then that my goal was to pay weekly and get this paid off early and I was told tht I could do that BUT after the loan was completed and I went online to pay early and extra they have limites their website as NOT to allow that. When I called the person that I spoke with had no idea and had to respond a few days later with an email. Paying weekly reduces the compounding interest and that reduces their profit, but I am allowed to paid extra but only via check in the mail.

Radford University, Bachelors
Aug 24, 2018

Better than the competition

After being lied to by another refinancing company, it was very refreshing to get exactly what I was promised from Earnest. No hidden catches, no onerous requirements, just a streamlined process for getting exactly what you need, just the way you want it. I love ability to customize my monthly payment!

College of William and Mary, JD
Aug 24, 2018

Quick & Easy

Earnest has a quick and easy application process compared to other sites I applied to. I got an answer almost instantly and I'm saving almost $300/month after refinancing with them!

University of Massachusetts-Amherst, Bachelors
Aug 24, 2018


Getting my student loan refinanced was easy-peasy. I did the whole application on my iPad online. With good credit, I got a very good rate, and am saving a lot on interest.

California State University-Los Angeles, Other Masters
Aug 20, 2018

Superb service!

I can’t say enough about Earnest. The team was efficient and I felt they actually listened to what I had to say when beginning the consolidation application process. I can’t thank them enough for their professionalism. They pleasantly returned my questions quickly and made sure to address any other concerns I had. So grateful there are people out there like this company who understands what it is to be fresh out of residency and stressed about loans.

Trinity School of Medicine, MD
Aug 18, 2018

Awesome service

I’m so grateful with everything Earnest has done. The service itself was impeccable as well. Thank you again

Columbia University in the City of New York, Bachelors
Aug 18, 2018

Easy to set up

Very good customer service.

Saint Louis University School of Medicine, MD
Aug 18, 2018

Pretty simple process

The online process was pretty simple. I ran into an issue and thought I wasn't eligible but customer service texted and asked if I need assistance. They were able to figure out what went wrong easily and I was good to go! I'm so glad they reached out because I was about to move on to try to refinance with another company for no reason. They saved me the hassle and their rates are competitive.

Robert Morris University, Bachelors
Aug 15, 2018

Easy, easy, easy!

Such a simple, straight forward process. Everything done online and the slider to choose your payments is genius!

Vanderbilt University, MBA
Aug 12, 2018

Amazing options for rates and payment, quick payoff, and great customer service!

I couldn't speak more highly about the smoothness of this refinancing process and the helpful customer support I received. I appreciate the flexible options for rates and payments. Excited to be working on a better student loan payment process with Earnest.

University of West Florida, Masters of Arts
Aug 12, 2018

Such a relief

My loans were with Navient, and I never felt like they respected me as a client. Earnest was different, from the first moment, I felt like Earnest wanted me as a customer and was interested in giving me options that are clear and what would work for me.

University of Florida, Other
Aug 12, 2018

Quick and easy

I originally obtained a loan from Earnest 3 years ago and become of changes to my income, I needed to refinance my existing loans. Everyone I spoke to was kind and helpful, and I really appreciated being able to text me questions at my convenience. I recommend Earnest to all of my nursing coworkers who in the same boat trying to pay of their loans and looking for a good rate and excellent customer service.

New York University, Other Medical
Aug 12, 2018

Easy application process & best rates

Their website was easy to use, and I had an approval the next day. Not to mention, I was able to select the best rate and schedule of payment for my needs.

Western Governors University, Masters of Arts
Aug 12, 2018

Best loan company

This process was quick and easy and gave me a great rate. Dealing with loan companies usually isn’t pleasant but I have no complaints here.

Duquesne University, JD
Aug 12, 2018

Well constructed

Love the brand that Earnest has become - everything from the design, content language, process being spelled out, etc. I didn’t realize Earnest had such great content related to other financial things, too. Very helpful and informative. Not a fan of the captcha feature when logging in. Surely there has got to be a more expedient security feature?

Northwestern University, Masters of Science or Engineering
Aug 12, 2018

Can y'all wait

I haven't even made a payment yet, and you guys are already asking for a rate and review. So far everything has been fine, no problem. But please wait for at least two years before I rate and review. For now 1 star.

University of Illinois at Chicago, Bachelors
Aug 10, 2018

Low Rates, Control, and Easy to Use!

I refinanced student loans with Earnest because I wanted to get rid of my monthly student loan payment faster and get on with my life! The process was user-friendly, relatively quick, and I got a lower rate. The rate in combination with choosing my payment amounts cut off a year and a half from my expected loan life!

Kent State University, Other Masters
Aug 7, 2018

Quick and easy to refinance

Hi refinanced my student loans with Earnest and it was super fast and easy! Between comparing rates, uploading info, and getting approved it only took 2 hours. I'm also saving THOUSANDS of dollars in interest and shaving 2 years off of my repayment. Very excited about that.

Providence College, Bachelors
Aug 6, 2018

Cautiously refinanced

After reviewing many negative online reviews, I was hesitant about moving forward in refinancing my loans in order to reduce my interest rate. Many of the comments were about people complaining they were not selected, or the user interface with the website. I happened to be selected and have had zero issues with the user interface. My previous loan was paid off within 10 days, so far this has been a great experience

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, PharmD
Jul 31, 2018

Excellent customer service for a simpler student loan experience

I chose to refinance with Earnest because they offered me the most competitive interest (variable) rate among a slew of different competitors. I have really felt validated in my choice. Earnest has consistently great customer service - very responsive to both email and phone (though you might be put on hold for awhile if you decide to call). Their online dashboard is super simple and easy to get around, which is not always the case for these things. I was so happy with Earnest that I decided to re-refinance my loan - they make this option available if you make at least 6 months of on-time payments. I was hoping to get a much better fixed interest rate, as my variable rate was spiking due to the recent Fed changes. They were able to match a competing offer that I received from a different lender. I was very happy they did, because I wouldn't want to leave.

University of Southern California, Masters of Science or Engineering
Jul 31, 2018


Student loans are overwhelming as it is! I have great credit but debt to income was an issue for another lender. I literally was approved on the spot. Within 10 days my previous loans were paid off. Now, they are consolidated with 1 lender into 1 easy, affordable, maintainable, realistic loan payment! (One that I chose!)

Our Lady of the Lake University, Bachelors
Jul 31, 2018

It was easy to get my loan refinanced with Earnest

I was looking into 2 companies to refinance my student loan at the same time. Earnest’s process was much easier. The other company changed my rate term offer on me after I sent paperwork in. Then their customer service was non-existent. Then they wanted more info even though I had already uploaded w2s, pay stubs, my old loan info, etc. Earnest was much easier and they did not jerk me around! AND I got a better rate and a customized loan term in years....not the standard 5 or 10 or 15 others were offering.

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Other Masters
Jul 31, 2018

Quick and reliable process

I didn't have a good experience with a similar lending platform as its evaluation system and UX were terrible. Earnest was quick and reliable. Clear process helped me understand where I am and next actions.

Stanford University - Graduate School of Business, MBA
Jul 31, 2018

Excellent customer service and easy process

Earnest really has out of this world customer service and a very easy application process. I have refinanced with Earnest twice, the first time transferring my student loans from an outside lender, and then the second due to on time payments I was able to lower my interest rate, etc. I really appreciate the service I have received and incentives for paying earlier. I would definitely recommend anyone who can to refinance their student loans with Earnest.

Tufts University, Masters of Arts
Jul 31, 2018

Streamlined loan process

Was looking for a loan provider that provided competitive interest rates with a streamlined application process and Earnest was the answer.

Savannah College of Art and Design, Bachelors
Jul 31, 2018

Quick, Easy, and Efficient.

The process couldn't have been easier. I especially like that when you put extra to your payment the number of payments automatically changes to show your new pay off date.

Roanoke College, Bachelors
Jul 30, 2018

Simple, fast, and zero stress

The whole process was simple, fast, and zero stress. Everything was very clear and made me feel confident every step through the application process. The website is designed well which is good considering I will need to use it a lot.

University of Findlay, Bachelors
Jul 25, 2018

Very Happy

5 stars for a 5 Star company. Previous loan company was very unfriendly and unhelpful with any and all questions/issues I had. Keep up the great work as I am a very satisfied customer.

University of Central Missouri, Bachelors
Jul 25, 2018

Efficient and fast response

The entire process was fast, smooth, efficient and communication is great.

Lakeland College, Bachelors
Jul 23, 2018

Best rate I was offered

I shopped around and Earnest offered me the best rate! From there the Earnest site was easy to navigate.

Springfield College, Other Medical
Jul 19, 2018

Easy and fast process

Overall the whole experience so far was great, everything can be done via website without ever speaking to anyone, easy and efficient. The only small thing is that I didn’t like is that once you are approved, the system doesn’t allow you to go and review the loan terms without forcing to complete all the financial information first.

Nova Southeastern University, MBA
Jul 19, 2018

Earnest Student Loan Review

The customer service was very helpful and informative. All my questions were answered promptly and I feel like I've been adequately prepared for the transition process of my loan moving institutions.

Washington State University, Bachelors
Jul 19, 2018

A Blessing

I had been trying to refinance my school loans for at least the past year. I have worked hard to get my credit score up and still had no luck. This company has changed my life and I am so thankful!! I had no problem making my insanely high payments prior to refinancing and didn't understand why any other company couldn't see that a lower payment could easily be done. I am proud to be able to take back my life and will gladly recommend this company to others in my situation.

Ursinus College, Bachelors
Jul 19, 2018

Student Loan Refinance

I had a truly fantastic experience refinancing my student loans with Earnest. The application process is quick and easy. They had representatives on standby available to answer any questions & guide you through the entire process from start to finish. Uploading documents was seamless & I have already recommended Earnest to family and friends. The user interface is also extremely friendly upon login unlike Navient. Account information is very easy to find, view & print. Competitive rates and great customer service were paramount in making this decision and I’m so happy I refinanced with Earnest!

University of Toledo, PharmD
Jul 19, 2018

Quick and Easy Money Saver

Best decision I have made. I was able to get a better average rate and in the long term save thousands. In the short term save hundreds a month.

Mansfield University of Pennsylvania, Bachelors
Jul 14, 2018

Easy process

The entire process was easy and efficient

Barry University, Masters of Science or Engineering
Jul 14, 2018

5 Star experience

The login was easy and so was the application. Downloading materials was a little difficult, but everyone was helpful. You don't really get the interest rate until the end, which ended up to be a little higher than the flash advertising. I understand that is based on credit score, but the initial ad is what catches your eye.

Chamberlain College of Nursing-Illinois, Masters of Science or Engineering
Jul 13, 2018

I was surprised to learn I could lower my student loan interest rates again

And now there's an actual end in sight.

University of Pennsylvania, DVM
Jul 13, 2018

Quick, Easy & Flexible

Love how you can pick what you want to pay each month and they will cater a rate and loan length around it. Allows for better rates then other lenders by being able to have less years on your loan.

SUNY College at Brockport, Bachelors
Jul 13, 2018

Helpful information throughout process, best deal available!

After shopping around, I found that Earnest offered the best interest rate for my student loan. The staff were very helpful in answering my questions quickly (even texting me answers) and the emails sent throughout the process were comforting in making the process less scary.

University of California-Berkeley, MBA
Jul 13, 2018

Very convenient and easy

It was very convenient and easy to setup an account and to consolidate my loans. I also got a very favorable interest rate saving me some $$. I would recommend this service and company.

Fortbonne Unversity, Bachelors
Jul 13, 2018

I'm better off now.

A great company. I had a couple issues with the website, but through emails and friendly customer service, I was able to quickly resolve my issues. The new percentage rate on my student loan was lower and I can now finally see an end to the eternal mess of my initial student loans and save lots of money in interest.

Central Connecticut State University, Bachelors
Jul 13, 2018

Helping pay off sooner

Earnest helped me save 2% on my loan. Allowing me to put more money to work paying down my loan. So that I could pay off my loan sooner.

University of Akron Main Campus, Bachelors
Jul 13, 2018

Good experience

Easy and fast

Golden Gate University-San Francisco, JD
Jul 13, 2018

Lower rates, faster process

Headline says it all

Boston College, Masters of Science or Engineering
Jul 3, 2018

Best Loan Company, Hands Down

I’ve refinanced my student loans with Earnest twice now and each time has been quick, easy, and straightforward. Their rates are very competitive and the app and website are user friendly. Customer service is easy to reach, knowledgeable, and quick to work through any issue. I recommend Earnest to all of my colleagues with student loan burdens.

St. George's University, School of Veterinary Medicine, DVM
Jul 3, 2018

Easy, Quick, and Reliable

Had this company referred to by a friend for refinancing. My student loans were with a big bank and had high interest; I was going to be paying them off for another 15 years. It was super easy to get a quote and apply to get an interest rate that was 4% lower than what I had previously and fixed! Not only did I trust the process because they wanted to know that I was saving and spending responsibly before lending to me, but they answered my questions in less that 12 hours through email all before I even committed to the loan. I would recommend this to anyone who has loans with big banks or rates they are unhappy with.

University of Northern Iowa, Bachelors
Jul 2, 2018

Best Refinancing Experience Possible

These guys are great & made my tricky refinancing strategy easy to do. Cannot be more thankful for all of their help. All in all, I was able to remove my co-signer and reduce my monthly payment by $120 all while staying on the same payment schedule I was on with my prior loan.

Wilkes University, Bachelors
Jul 2, 2018

Confusion on Total Payments

I calculated how much I would need based on my balance, however in the mean time my automatic payment posted so my amount is less. However, my balance still paid in full what was originally calculated. I know appear to owe more than I did prior to refinancing. I understand that this is also not Earnest's entire fault, and Navient also is part of this, however as they're owned by the same company, it feels like it'd be more seamless, or more communication. Right now I'm still confused on this, and frankly upset that I owe more now than I did just 2 weeks ago.

Indiana University-Bloomington, MBA
Jul 2, 2018

Smooth Process

I really enjoyed the whole process. It was simple, to the point, and fast. I'm excited!

California State University-Fullerton, Masters of Arts
Jul 1, 2018

Smooth and seamless

The whole process was very seamless and I liked the dashboard updates that kept me informed as to where I was in the loan process. I just wished there was more information around how the rates were decided and why a person gets his/her rate (like why not lower than what you got and the reasons for that). The transfer of loan was really smooth and I am pleased with the experience so far. Hopefully I will have more to say as we travel through this journey

Johns Hopkins University, MBA
Jul 1, 2018

Thumbs Up!!

The procedure and the time that it took to get approval was quick and easy. Customer representative was very knowledgeable, friendly, and efficient.

Cerritos College, Associates
Jul 1, 2018

Very helpful process was very streamlined and easy to complete

Ross University, School of Medicine, MD
Jul 1, 2018

Easy application process, standard loan options

For someone who has had significant debt but always made my payments on time for years now as well has maintained a steady income with consistent salary promotions, I don't think the interest rates I was offered were very competitive.

Syracuse University, Masters of Science or Engineering
Jun 25, 2018

Terrific rate and easy process

I have been paying well over 6% interest for 15+ years on my student loan, not very smart on my part. I found Earnest through Credit Karma and was impressed by their low rates. The loan process was quite easy and did not take too much of my time. The only small drawback was the amount of financial information that I had to disclose. I get it, that is why they can offer such good rates, but it was hard for me to give as much as Earnest required. Overall I am very happy.

Paradise Valley Community College, Associates
Jun 25, 2018

Easy process and very helpful.

Earnest made the stressful process of paying off high rate school loans simply painless and at a GREAT RATE! They helped me through the entire process explaining every required document and answered every question. Downloading the documents could not have been easier. Everyone that I spoke to were extremely courteous and helpful and I received responses within 24 hours, or sooner, of any other documents required and my application required more documentation than normal. My approval answer came back very quickly.
Thank you Earnest!

Fairleigh Dickinson University-Metropolitan Campus, Masters of Arts
Jun 19, 2018

Honest Lender

I enjoy the transparency of Earnest and the great features available online such as being able to see all future scheduled payments and how that will affect my account balanceeach month. Having the option to adjust payments is great too. Earnest has been quick to service my refinanced loan and has made the transition easy from previous lenders.

Kansas State University, Bachelors
Jun 19, 2018

Still new

Still new to the service, but so far so good. Interest rates could've been a little more favorable, but the whole process is top notch.

Centenary College of Louisiana, Bachelors
Jun 19, 2018

Great service

I received amazing accurate and speedy service with earnest

University of Massachusetts-Amherst, Bachelors
Jun 13, 2018

Easy and transparent

Made the whole experience easy and transparent. Put me at ease and made my decision that much easier

Northwood University-Florida, Bachelors
Jun 13, 2018

Should have done it long ago!

After my variable rate kept making my payments go up, I finally said that’s it! I need to find a way to refinance. It was so easy with earnest! It was done in 24 hours and the application took no time at all! I loved getting to pick my terms as well! The slider feature let me compare different lengths and payment options.

University of Miami, Bachelors
Jun 12, 2018

Thrilled with Refi Rate

When other companies wouldn't even consider refinancing my loan, Earnest not only made the process easy, they also gave me a better rate than I thought possible. Plus the process was so quick and painless.

California State University-Dominguez Hills, Bachelors
Jun 7, 2018

Switched and Satisfied

Thanks to our daughter we heard about the opportunity to refinance with Earnest. After years of over paying on my student within only a few short days I was able to secure a new loan with Earnest. I am saving nearly $200.00 a month and thrilled. It was a quick and easy process.

Lakeland College, Masters of Arts
Jun 7, 2018

Great, Fast, Easy

Saved me money by switching, it was fast and very easy process! Loved it and its super easy to understand what i owe and everything when logging in the their portal. Unlike discover student loans

Western Michigan University, Bachelors
Jun 7, 2018

Great Experience!

I didn't even know refinancing my student loans was an option! So glad I found Earnest, they were able to drop by interest by 2%! The application was simple and I had someone in constant contact with me by phone and email during the entire loan process. I was able to make final decisions on my loan, like fixed vs. Variable. I was given an actual payoff date! My previous provider offered no help and no end ever in sight. I am so glad I found Earnest, I will be recommending to friends!!!

University of Phoenix, Bachelors
Jun 4, 2018

Earnest Combines & Refinances School Loans

I had multiple school loans from going back to school to get my MBA. It seemed like every year the payment amount increased, and I would not be debt free until the ripe old age of 85. Earnest consolidated the loans and came up with a fixed payment plan that will allow me to not only pay them off 2 years earlier (saving that interest), but this allows me to budget for that payment and potentially pay it off even earlier! The experience was simple and straight forward. I would recommend Earnest to anyone with higher interest rate school loans.

University of Texas at Dallas, MBA
Jun 4, 2018

This company is amazing

Ive been struggling with paying private student loans whose interest rate was variable and always increasing. I needed to desparately get away from this downward spiral so I found Earnest. In about 3 days I was approved, got a fixed intereat rate and more importantly, I was able to choose how much I wanted to pay on a monthly basis!! This company removed the school debt weight on my shoulders and Im so thankful. Anyone who has high interest rate private school loans should definitely look into Earnest

Southern Connecticut University, Bachelors
Jun 1, 2018

Easy, Fast, & Great Rates!!!

Thank you Earnest for making the loan process easy. I'm a Silicon Valley working mom with very limited time. The loan process from start to finish couldn't be easier! I was able to do it all in less than an hour from the ease of my computer. Never even had to speak to an agent. I'm telling all my friends and colleagues about Earnest.

University of San Francisco, Bachelors
Jun 1, 2018

Fast and easy

I'm so glad I refinanced my student loans with Earnest. No lengthy forms to complete. I was able to choose the length of my loan and received a much better interest rate than with my current lender. Simple and quick!

University of Nebraska at Omaha, PhD
Jun 1, 2018

Great experience

I am so relieved to be out of the Dept of Education loan program and working with Earnest. Everything about the online process was very clear and efficient. It went quickly and I knew where I was in the process every step of the way. Thank you for being an option to finally pay off this loan in a transparent way.

Argosy University-Phoneix Online Division, Masters of Arts
Jun 1, 2018

Great rate! Wow!

The only thing that I found annoying was that they could not consolidate my Sallie Mae and Discover Loans. So now I am still making multiple payments. But Earnest is such a good company and has the best rates out there so I wish they would have consolidated all my loans!

Pennsylvania State University, Bachelors
May 27, 2018

Easy and direct

This was by the far the easiest refinancing process for a student loan that I've gone through. I appreciate the flexibility of the program and the various options it gives me as a borrow.

Grand Canyon University, Masters of Arts
May 26, 2018

Simple process

I applied and immediately got approved. After signing the agreement my student loan refinance was finalized and active in approximately 8 days. I went from having interest rates from 10.75 - 13.75% with Navient to a fixed 5.5% rate with Earnest and Earnest shortened the life of my loan by 25 months!

Auburn University, Bachelors
May 26, 2018

Quick and seamless

I have attempted to refinance my student loans through other competitors and it was difficult and disappointing. Earnest surprised me with how easy and seamless the refinance experience was. Within a day I had my answer. They allowed me to fully customize the term and rate and it was quick and easy. I highly recommend earnest to a all.

Purdue University, Bachelors
May 26, 2018

Easy application, quick approval, multiple loan options.

This subsidiary of Navient can help lower the rate of your student loan.
Beware of the consequences related to each entity and how they effect your abilities to repay. Fast and efficient loan processing. Lowered my interest rate better than 2% on a plus loan.

James Madison University, Bachelors
May 25, 2018

Excellent experience

Rather smooth process to consolidate loans - not a significant savings monthly but a savings nonetheless. App is great for balance checks, payments, etc and simple to use. Thanks

Indiana University of Pennsylvania-Main Campus, PhD
May 24, 2018


Process was very simple and quick. I thought that it was very suspicious that I was asked to log into my bank account but saw no negative reviews so I went thru with the application. Seamless process and excellent fixed rates.

Trident Technical College, Associates
May 21, 2018


I am so glad I found out about Earnest. The application process was so easy and the customer support has been so helpful whenever I had a question. I would recommend it to anyone with a student loan!

Stony Brook University, Masters of Science or Engineering
May 21, 2018

Very helpful!

I couldn't be happier with the process. Very helpful people and easy application process.

North Carolina State University, MBA
May 20, 2018

Quick and easy

The process was simple and easy. Did not take much time at all. Got a lower payment and rate and will pay my loans off 12 years sooner.

Trevecca Nazarene University, Masters of Science or Engineering
May 20, 2018

Quick and easy

I refinanced my loan to a lower rate in a few days. The process was simple and easy. Earnest will save me time and money.

San Diego State University, Masters of Arts
May 20, 2018

Great service

Will recommend to others

CUNY John Jay College of Criminal Justice, Bachelors
May 10, 2018

Customer service

Customer service has always been great when I've called in. Everyone is always so nice and friendly too

Wright State University, Bachelors
May 8, 2018

Made refinancing a cinch!

This was my second time refinancing my loans and it was super easy with earnest! The entire process from quote to signing and setting up my automatic payment. I'm saving myself several thousand dollars over the next few years while keeping my loan payment the same!

University of Toledo, Masters of Science
May 8, 2018

Quick and easy and overall good

I've only had a few minor issues with having to chase down the referral bonuses and such, but overall my experience has been very positive. My interest rate went down a lot which will save me a lot of money over the course of the loan.

University of Massachusetts-Lowell, Bachelors
May 6, 2018

Thoughtful company, looks at more information than competitors, issues better rates as a result

I have the most simple student loan refinance situation, good credit score, and solid income. However, I am married a file jointly and that fact reduced my standing with other re-fi companies. Earnest asked for more information up front, was able to discern a clearer picture of my credit worthiness, and was able to issue a very accurate rate estimate before I went through the complete credit check process. If you want to be treated like a human and still get the best rate out there, go with earnest.

Virginia Tech, PhD
May 2, 2018


Easy website, very helpful customer reps and clean process. I’ve been recommending to everyone in my network!!

University of California-Los Angeles, MBA
May 2, 2018

Safe, Simple, and Convenient

Earnest was a no brainer for us. Having good credit got us a rate that was far below the average of all our school loans combined. Our payment is a bit higher but at least now we know our rate is the best we can get, it will not fluctuate and we are confident that we will have it paid off in 5 years. They ask for a lot of information from you but it's worth putting the time in to get the consolidation completed and it assures you that your information is being protected. I was able to complete almost the entire process online.

Wingate University, PharmD
May 2, 2018

Simple, quick, easy process

I have refinanced a few student loans for my wife and I. Earnest was by far the quickest and easiest process.

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Bachelors
Apr 21, 2018


The application process was quick and easy as well as the user platform. Much easier navigation than my previous student loan lender.

Davenport University, MBA
Apr 20, 2018

Great service and rates

I refinanced my student loans with Earnest more than a year ago and, now that we're expecting our first baby, we refinanced a second time. Both times were smooth, positive experiences. PLUS - the rates offered were easily the best of all the competitors (and I checked). I appreciate all that Earnest has done for my family.

Southern Methodist University, Bachelors
Apr 20, 2018

Easy and convenient customer service

I was looking to get a lower interest rate and Earnest was the answer. So thankful I stumbled upon them while researching my options online. They took care of everything and made the transfer of my student loan easy and flawless. BEST. DECISION. EVER. Thanks Earnest! You saved me over $8,000!

Davenport University, Bachelors
Apr 20, 2018


This has been a most satisfactory experience. Everything from submitting an application, the communication process, deciding on my loan options, and closing. The website and portal is easy and simple. Got a great rate above all.

Capital University, Bachelors
Apr 19, 2018

Easy and intuitive

The refinancing process was super easy and the web-portal is intuitive to use.

Urshan Graduate School of Theology, Master of Arts
Apr 14, 2018

Better than SoFi

Loved SoFi but when it came time to refinance, I was surprised they couldn't come close to Earnest rates! The change was easy and fast. Should have found them years ago!

Kansas State University, Bachelors
Apr 10, 2018

All great service

Thank you for your great service!

University of California-Los Angeles, DDS
Apr 9, 2018

Doing fine

Service is fine and functioning as expected. Online interface could be improved (especially as compared to SoFi's). I like being able to see the amount of interest accrual since last payment and principal balance easily on the first page and that is not possible now on the current web page.

Indiana University-Bloomington, Masters of Science
Apr 8, 2018

Helpful and friendly.

Everyone is helpful and friendly.

Purdue University-Main Campus, PharmD
Apr 4, 2018

Overall professional

Overall a professional loan refinance company. Thourough in information and explanations. Customer service always timely and helpful. I was never placed on hold too long when I called. My email was responded to the next business day.

University of Georgia, PharmD
Apr 3, 2018

Great deal; Effortless

I'm now going to pay off my student loans 5 years earlier than planned due to my refinance with Earnest. The application process was really easy, too. Thank you, Earnest!

University of Wisconsin-Madison, JD
Apr 2, 2018

Responsive customer service

I really appreciate the knowledge and professionalism of Earnest's customer service team. I just wish it was a little easier to see the history of interest rates changes on my loan.

University of California, Los Angeles, Masters
Apr 2, 2018

Great Experience

I had a great experience recently in refinancing my student loans! The customer service was excellent and very helpful - the process quick. I'm very satisfied and have already let some of my friends know about it!

George Mason Unviersity, Bachelors
Apr 2, 2018

The process was so smooth and professional!

I started the process and found that as I went each step of the way, instructions were clear and easy to follow. When I did my part, they did theirs. Everything fell into place and all was done relatively quickly.

Palm Beach Atlantic University, Masters of Science or Engineering
Apr 2, 2018

So far so good

The experience thus far has been good.

Canisius College, MBA
Mar 28, 2018

Why the rigamarole?

Why not strive to offer your customers the best deals instead of making them jump through hoops to re-apply for a much better rate? Even re-applying was a pain as it didn't link up to your own system.

Colorado State University-Fort Collins, Bachelors
Mar 27, 2018

Easiest application and process I have gone through in years!

I had been trying to consolidate my federal and private loans for years, at least 8 to be exact, and until I found Earnest it was impossible to do so. Many refinancers didn't want to consolidate federal and private, many others had a much longer application process and their interest rates did not come close to what Earnest could offer me. Now, I am finally able to see light at the end of the tunnel with my student loans!

Lock Haven University, Bachelors
Mar 27, 2018

Very helpful, terrific experience

Support was great. No wait time. Customer service agent was kind, helpful and followed up later on. Seriously amazing customer service and greatly appreciated.

New York Institute of Technology, Bachelors
Mar 21, 2018

Amazing Customer Service

I have had to contact customer service for a few questions that I had. Each time my response was received complete and timely. I love, love, LOVE that Earnest has biweekly payment options so that I can align payments with my paydays! Much easier to maintain an accurate budget! Thank you, Earnest!!

Drake University, Bachelors
Mar 21, 2018

Consolidation made easy

I was in the trenches for quite some time before I came across Earnest. A few of the other bigger named consolidation service providers wouldn't work with me since my smaller named college wasn't in their databases. Earnest gladly worked with me and I'm extremely satisfied with the services they've provided. Through them I've greatly reduced my interest rates and monthly payments, without increasing my repayment terms significantly.

Delaware College of Art and Design, Associates
Mar 21, 2018

Great and easy to use website

I am glad I chose Earnest. I like you guys as a company and I hope you only grow and find success in the future.

New York University, Bachelors
Mar 19, 2018


I succeeded in finally refinancing my loans! (A goal of the last five years) Thanks Earnest! You won my heart for that action!

Eckerd College, Bachelors
Mar 18, 2018

Great refinancing experience!

I have refinanced with Earnest twice, both with no fees, and got great interest rates each time. They are very helpful with the process as well!

University of Maryland-Baltimore, PharmD
Mar 15, 2018

Start new loan

The process is very easy and smooth. The adviser was being really helpful with all my questions. Very pleasant experience

Temple University School of Pharmacy, PharmD
Mar 15, 2018

Easy process! I saved over 203k! refinancing with Earnest chaged my life!

Simply put, get a hold of your loans with Earnest now because you could be throwing money right out the window and not know it.

Amerian InterContinental University-Atlanta, Bachelors
Mar 15, 2018

Great Customer Service

I previously had my loans at SoFi, but I heard of Earnest through a friend and I decided to look into them. I found that they were super easy to deal with, have very flexible terms, and amazing interest rates. The customer service is amazing. After some time, I decided to shop around for some lower interest rates, and Earnest offered to lower my interest and match what the competitors were giving me! I would recommend Earnest to all of my friends and family!

St. Louis College of Pharmacy, PharmD
Mar 15, 2018

Personal, thorough, fair

Love doing business with Earnest. Would recommend to friends and family.

New Jersey City University, Bachelors
Mar 15, 2018

All around great

Best interest rates. Quick responses via text. Super friendly! Highly recommend Earnest!

Baylor University, Bachelors
Mar 15, 2018

Easy, fast, flexible

I've been using Earnest for 18 months now. Originally, I was on a variable rate that started to climb. I started the process to refinance with another company when the folks at Earnest reached out to see if they could modify my loan to similar rates. Long story, short, they were able and did so very quickly allowing me to keep the payment flexibility I love with Earnest while getting a better fixed rate. Thank you!

UNC-Chapel Hill, DDS
Mar 9, 2018

Great Company

Everything has been great. My previous student loan company (Navient) clearly did not care about me or my repayment goals. Earnest lowered my fixed interest rate, shortened my payoff date and provided me $200 for transferring my student loans. Earnest is transparent and a great company.

Nova Southeastern University, Masters of Science
Mar 8, 2018

Great Experience, Highly Recommend!

This was a very fast, very pleasant experience. I was able to get updates via chat whenever I needed one, and overall the experience is great. I am saving a ton of money too by doing this refi. Highly recommend!!!

American InterContinental University, Bachelors
Mar 8, 2018

Excellent Company

Earnest is awesome and has tremendously helped me in getting my student loan under control. I even got a referral bonus. Can't say enough good things!!!

DeVry University, Masters of Science
Mar 1, 2018


It was simple and the customer service was very helpful. Much better than sofi.

Old Dominion University, Bachelors
Mar 1, 2018

Forward-looking Concept

Earnest offers a progressive take on lending, and surely they're able to approve many applicants that other lenders would not. They do this by examining an applicant's holistic financial picture, rather than focusing on factor (like credit score).

With that being said, I felt that my rate wasn't as low as possible. I work for a financial institution; here, the highest effective score is 710. I understand that companies such as Earnest are for "superprime" borrowers (usually), but I have strong cash flow, credit score, and employment history. Perhaps, I could have received a better rate elsewhere.

Moreover, the application process wasn't entirely friendly. They work with you to a degree, but it's nothing to write home about. My main concern is the application step when you link your accounts up into Earnest. It's counterproductive because it doesn't clearly display the open accounts and their values (tends to lump non-like accounts together when it doesn't understand & displays "N/A" in account balances).

Franklin University, Bachelors
Mar 1, 2018

Excellent Flexibility

I love the flexibility to change future payment amounts, payment frequency, and the ability to skip a payment once a year every six months. It is very nice that the first couple of features can be conpleted on the app as often as the customer would like - completely customer driven service.

Mercer University, MBA
Feb 25, 2018

Game Changer!

I was paying 10.5% variable interest on my student loans - by variable I mean only getting variably higher every 6 months. I decided it was time for a big change. I shopped around a little bit and Earnest gave me the best options to choose from. I was able to refinance my student loans for less than half of the interest I was paying before. In doing so, I was able to hack off 3 years of the life of my loan and I will save over $15,000 in interest. Best decision I ever made. Definitely recommend Earnest to anyone that is looking to better their financial future.

University of Indianapolis, Bachelors
Feb 17, 2018

So glad I did this

The process was all done online. They were very easy to get along with very professional. I was able to refinance my student loans for a great savings fairly quickly

Drexel University, Masters of Arts
Feb 15, 2018


Very easy process refinancing my student loans. Customer service is always quick to reply.

Winona State University, Bachelors
Feb 13, 2018

Easy process & best rates

The entire process of refinancing one of my student loans was incredibly easy. They make everything very clear and digestible. After comparing rates from different companies, I chose to go with Earnest because they had the best rates options for my situation.

School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Bachelors
Feb 12, 2018

Competitive Rates, Straightforward application

Earnest has extremely competitive rates - certainly the lowest among the places I searched by a decent margin. The process to re-finance my student loans was pretty painless even with the extra depth of information needed in the application. When I needed to reach out for some help, the representative was friendly and helpful. All of this is great - the cherry on top for me is the ability to make a bi-weekly payment as opposed to a monthly one.

Colorado School of Mines, Bachelors
Feb 9, 2018

Simple process with no catch

I had the opportunity to first talk to a representative before I pulled the trigger and she was very helpful to provide me all the necessary information. I then went through the online steps to apply for a loan to refinance my student loans and t the whole process was very easy and on multiple occasions I reached out for clarification on some items and they were very helpful. In all I was able to refinance to a better rate and pay off my loan early with no penalty! Thanks Earnest for making this a super friendly and easy experience.

Michigan Technological University, Bachelors
Feb 7, 2018

Easy process

Easy process, helpful staff, great rates

Duke University - Fuqua School of Business, MBA
Feb 4, 2018


The entire process was extremely simple and smooth.

A.T. Still University, DDS
Feb 2, 2018

Far and Above

I had tried on numerous attempts to refinance my student loans and every time there was some excuse by the loan company regarding credit history, or amount to refi, or that I hadn't completed my degree. I had never had the opportunity to explain myself, not that I need to because my life fell the way it did for a reason, but always thought having that option may help. The experience seemed more personal, and they staff and customer service I had received from the staff with online interactions was excellent. Always prompt with replies and seemingly happy to help. Thank you, Earnest and your team, you have helped lift a large weight off my shoulders and afford me the opportunity to finally be able to afford to finish off my degree!

Springfield College, Other
Jan 27, 2018

Great option if you have had high interest for way too long!

I have been hesitant to refinance my loans, but Earnest made it really easy. Their portal is very usable and their support team was super helpful in walking me through the loan transfer process. I recommend taking the step with them!

Loyola University Chicago, MBA
Jan 24, 2018

I refinanced my Med school loan.

The process was very easy and approval was quick!

Baylor College of Medicine, MD
Jan 23, 2018


Thank you for approving my loan. I'm really grateful and appreciate it.

South Texas College, Associates
Jan 19, 2018

Super user friendly!

Earnest has been so easy to understand & use. I was able to plug in all of my information and get a quick quote. I loved the visual of interest rate and payment options. The app is also user friendly! I couldn't be happier with my transition to Earnest (:

Michigan State University, Bachelors
Jan 16, 2018

Problem with dashboard.

No account number on dashboard.

University of Colorado Denver - Anschutz Medical Campus, DDS
Jan 15, 2018

Earnest is a treat!

Great rates. Better customer service.

University of Chicago, MBA
Jan 12, 2018

Quick and Easy.

Consolidating all of my student loans was quick and easy. Now I have one payment to worry about and I'm saving hundreds per month and knocked almost a decade off the term of my loans! It's like a burden has been lifted off my shoulders! Thanks Earnest!

The New England Institute of Art, Bachelors
Jan 11, 2018


I got a great rate on my own when all other lenders wanted a cosigner. Submitting all the info was easy. Reduced my monthly payment by about $500.

Anna Maria College, Bachelors
Jan 9, 2018

Fast, easy, great customer service.

I already had a loan with Earnest and I wanted to add an external loan and consolidate the whole thing at a lower rate. This was very easy and will save me $. Thanks!

Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences, DO
Jan 9, 2018

Do for you what they say they will.

Favorable rates and lots of options on how to repay. So far so good.

Worcester State University, Bachelors
Jan 7, 2018

Easy to use and great rates.

Rates and terms of very competitive and have reduced the overall amount I have to repay.

What makes Earnest shine are all of the configuration options throughout the lifespan of the loan. For example, you can have a payment be pulled every two weeks which matches up with a paycheck, you can increase your payments or decrease your payments, and all information is very easy to use and access.

The overall process was very easy.

University of Pittsburgh - Pittsburgh Campus, Bachelors
Jan 5, 2018

Customer service is horrible!

They're rude, condescending, and don't bother to read your entire message before responding.

University of California - Los Angeles, MBA
Dec 28, 2017

Great experience.

Earnest has made it really simple to refinance my student loans. The whole process was online with one phone call to verify my identity. You also get to choose your monthly payments and let's you know how much you'll be paying in interest with the amount you've chosen. I would definitely recommend to people

California State University - Sacramento, Bachelors
Dec 16, 2017

This is how all loan servicers should be

I applied for school loan refinancing with Earnest and got the best interest rate possible, because they didn't just look at one thing in order to determine it. You have to give a lot of financial info which is a little unsettling, but it makes sense. I was able to choose the amount I wanted to pay each month, extending the timeframe for the loan by a few months in order to pay a little less, or shortening the timeframe if I wanted to pay more. I had a few questions that Earnest was able to answer through text or email, which is very convenient! This is how all loan servicers should be.

Rutgers the State University of New Jersey, Bachelors
Dec 15, 2017

Quick, easy process facilitated by pleasant Earnest reps

I started my refinance project with a competing lender (rhymes with LoHi) and wish I would have skipped them altogether. Rude representatives, long, choppy process. Glad I came to Earnest, who recognized and rewarded my creditworthiness that I've worked hard to achieve. Icing on the cake was that each Earnest rep I spoke with was pleasant and knowledgeable.

Quincy University, Bachelors
Dec 13, 2017

Good rates, not pushy

Earnest had one of the best overall rates and a referral bonus on top of that. Pleased with my decision to refinance with them.

Brigham Young University-Provo, MBA
Dec 12, 2017

An actual chance was given

A big part of being financially responsible is organization. You know who makes it really hard to stay organized? Financial institutions. There was so much trouble in understanding exactly how much I owed and to whom, especially making mistakes like ignoring the issue. It was a lot to try and reconcile. Earnest is exactly what I needed; a clear stance, a clear design, and clear language throughout the entire process. As someone who works at a company that leads in customer support, I was so delighted by the experience. It made something that is inherently difficult and emotional into something I look forward to doing.

Ohio State University-Main Campus, Bachelors
Dec 12, 2017

Easy application. Good rates!

The application process was quick and easy. Rates were very competitive. My old loan for refinancing was paid off quickly. I like that there's an iPhone app. I can make an extra payment through that very easily.

University of Rhode Island, PharmD
Dec 11, 2017

So far so good!

Earnest not only got me the lowest interest rate, but also the lowest monthly payment. I felt great after getting my loans out of an unnamed predatory student loan servicer that would not work with me in lowering my payments (I don't make a lot of money). My payments have been affordable and have had nothing but positive experiences with their customer service when I've had to call and ask questions.

Savannah College of Art and Design, Bachelors
Dec 11, 2017

Great Customer Service with quick loan disbursement!

Even had a $200 referral in my checking account in less than 2 weeks!

Southern Illinois University-Carbondale, Bachelors
Dec 9, 2017


Great experience and quickly completed

Biola University
Dec 7, 2017

Easy and quick process

Easy and quick process. Low rates. The support team was patient and excellent when helping me successfully navigate through the process of uploading all my required documents. I have read that the support staff is always available throughout the terms of the loan so let's hope Earnest continues to provide high customer service-one of the main reasons I chose Earnest!

Saint Mary's University of Minnesota, Masters of Science or Engineering
Dec 7, 2017

Great so far, for the most part!

I just re-financed with Earnest and they have been great so far! My only complaint is that you can't apply an extra payment throughout the month to the principal only. The only way to do this is to make the extra payment on the day of your payment is due. Earnest seems to be more advanced than their competitors on other levels except in this aspect, as you can simply call and tell other companies to apply the extra payment to the principal and they do. I hope Earnest can improve this aspect of their business!

South University-Savannah, PharmD
Dec 6, 2017

Very easy to work with

This has been an extremely easy and rewarding process. This change has been with little effort but great reward. I'm glad that I have consolidated with Earnest!

Utah State University, Bachelors
Dec 1, 2017

Some documentation did not upload properly

Some of the required documentation did not submit as easily as I thought it should have. Customer service was extremely helpful though in guiding me through those issues.

Manhattan College, Bachelors
Nov 18, 2017

I feel better

I grew very tired of traditional banks/ lenders. They were constantly buying/selling my loans, providing below average consumer service, and making it very difficult to manage my account. Earnest made it very easy to borrow and I ended up with a lower interest rate. Also, they make it very easy to understand the details of your loan.

Saint Joseph's University, Bachelors
Nov 13, 2017

Great experience so far

Quick response time, great experience so far.

Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science, Other Medical
Nov 11, 2017

Knowledgeable Employees

I called Earnest support about 8 times when trying to decide on which lender to go with and 2 more times after I made my decision, with only one exception, my questions were answered to my satisfaction and when folks did not know the answer, I was contacted no later than the next day with a response!

South Florida State College, Associates
Nov 10, 2017

Quick and easy refinance!

I had an Earnest loan previously, loved the experience, and chose to refinance with them again at a better interest rate after a year. Amazing how the interest rates can change. And Earnest was willing to change my loan accordingly. It was quick and easy! So appreciative!!

Harding University, PharmD
Nov 10, 2017

Great rates and service

Had all my student loans refinanced with much better rates, the referral bonus is an amazing plus and all the customer service I had was great!

University of Toledo, PharmD
Nov 10, 2017

Seamless application process.

From start to finish, this has been one of the best experiences I've had; quick, responsive, easy to follow.

University at Buffalo, MBA
Nov 8, 2017

Great company!

Easy to work with, no one else would give me the opportunity even with really good credit and perfect payment history. Highly recommend.

The College of Saint Rose, Bachelors
Nov 8, 2017

Wish they were around 15 years ago!

Earnest saved me thousands. Easy, fair and everything was done efficiently. By creating a vehicle to sensibly Refi student loans, They have become the modern antidote to the excessive corruption and abuses led by Sallie Mae's former monopoly and it's unethical and extortionist practices.

DePaul University College of Law, JD
Nov 8, 2017

Easy transition to save a large amount of money

From the beginning to the end of my process to get my student loans to Earnest, everything was extremely easy and the Earnest folks were extremely helpful. Thanks for saving me a bunch of interest on my loans!

Briar Cliff University, Bachelors
Nov 3, 2017

Good experience

I was surprised at how simple and fast the process was. I had a few issues before and after getting my loan approved and in both cases, the customer support team was very responsive and helpful. I am glad I did this.

American University, Other Masters
Oct 27, 2017

Very Easy process

Definitely recommend giving them a shot. Got a great rate and so far I'm liking it

University of Massachusetts, Bachelors
Oct 27, 2017

4 1/2 Stars

Earnest approved my loan refinance, when another company did not. Their website is easy to use and navigate. I believe the interest rate could have been a little lower, but it's still better than my original percentage. The application process took longer than I expected, as they needed additional information from me. Not Earnest's fault as I had some credit issues years back, but is excellent now.

I would definitely recommend Earnest. Hopefully my loan payoff over the years happens without any issues.

Argosy University-Twin Cities, Associates
Oct 21, 2017

Quick follow-up

Earnest followed up quickly when I had questions during the process, were very helpful in making the refinance simple. Plus it will save me a lot of money in interest!

Regis University, Other
Oct 18, 2017

Fast & Easy Refinancing

I was able to get approved and refinance my loan to save 3% per year in less than 5 days.

Charleston School of Law, JD
Oct 13, 2017

Smooth and easy process.

The process was timely and very easy to understands and follow. Great individualistic approach!

Kutztown University of Pennsylvania, Bachelors
Oct 10, 2017

Great experience.

I kept getting denied from other businesses so when I was approved through Earnest I was ecstatic! The process was smooth and intuitive, and the payoff to my other loans happened faster than I expected. I use the app and auto-pay, which makes everything simple and easy to find. All in all, stellar experience!

Southern New Hampshire University, Bachelors
Oct 7, 2017

Very helpful.

I was relieved instantly by Earnest on my student loan consolidation and refinancing. They are very proactive and without a delay and the interest rate is unbeatable. Awesomness!!!

New York University, Bachelors
Oct 4, 2017

Great rates and customer service.

Great rates and customer service.

Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville, DDS
Sep 28, 2017

Happy I took the time

The process to refinance seemed a bit daunting prior to coming to Earnest. With Earnest the process was easy, very thorough and I was informed of the next steps all along the way. Most importantly i'm able to save a lot of money refinancing a student loan that was a high variable rate to a much lower fixed rate with better terms.

DePaul University, Bachelors
Sep 23, 2017

Easiest most straightforward way to refinance

See headline. Super simple, and their audit mechanism automatically sets up billing if you move forward, which is a great feature.

University of Chicago, MBA
Sep 20, 2017

Very easy and helpful

Makes applying a very easy process with great customer service and great rates too!

Purdue University, Bachelors
Sep 13, 2017

Easy and helpful.

Transferring my loans to Earnest was very easy and it will save money with a lower interest rate. I am so glad that this is an option. Sallie Mae and Navient have been bilking customers for too long with high interest rates. It's about time that they have serious competition.

CUNY Graduate School and University Center, Other
Sep 8, 2017

Quick, Easy, Painless.

After being jerked around by my old loan servicer, refinancing with Earnest was simple and easy.

University of Maryland, Other Masters
Sep 6, 2017

Highly satisfied with my Student Loan Refi.

First of all, customer service is top notch and very efficient. I had an e-mail answer within 5 hours. When I called with a question I never had to wait! They were very helpful and knowledgeable.
Second big factor in my decision was the ability to have payments twice a month. I actually had a lower rate with SoFi but went with Earnest because SoFi did not allow you to have two payments a month. This ended up saving me an entire YEAR of additional payments. So in the long run, I saved more money with Earnest. Happy with my decision.

University of Minnesota, Masters of Arts
Sep 2, 2017

Less debt!

Earnest has allowed me to aggressively pay down my student loan debt.

Ross University, School of Medicine, MD
Aug 26, 2017

Great customer service.

Great customer service. Quick and easy process.

California Northstate University College of Pharmacy, PharmD
Aug 24, 2017

You guys rock.

So happy I refinanced with Earnest. Great customer service, and I love the flexibility Earnest offers for repayment. Best out there.

Pepperdine University, JD
Jul 20, 2017

Easy and simple.

Great staff in customer service. Quick to respond to questions. Smooth process in transitioning loans. I was concerned about giving out my info but it was safe and confidential. I have recommended earnest to my colleagues.

Wingate University, Other Masters
Jul 19, 2017

Great Service.

Helped make dealing with student loans a lot less stressful!

North Carolina State University at Raleigh, Bachelors
Jul 12, 2017

Excellent Customer Service!

I felt wary of making a change from the Federal repayment system, primarily because I was worried that if something unexpected were to happen to me, that my family would be stuck with a large private loan. With a Master's degree, all paid for in loans, that debt number is pretty high and will remain so for a few years. When I expressed my concerns, Jenny, from Earnest replied quickly to my e-mail with information regarding the policy at Earnest (same as Federal), and was very friendly, even through e-mail. I felt like any question or concern was valid, and would be answered promptly and thoroughly. Now, I'm saving almost 100.00 a month in interest, and feeling much more confident that my student loan debt is manageable in a timely manner.

Central Michigan University, Masters of Arts
Jul 8, 2017

Extremely helpful and kind staff.

Refinanced my student loan (currently held with Earnest) to get a better, fixed rate. The process was very easy and the customer support was what you'd expect -- excellent.

Regent University, Masters of Arts
Jul 8, 2017

Not so tech friendly.

Your company's insistence on keeping everything electronic is a significant barrier to getting business done when the technology just doesn't work. It's completely ridiculous that you don't have a fax machine as back-up for when the electronic option isn't feasible. Furthermore, there should be a streamlined application for people who already have Earnest loans and want to re-finance that loan. If I hadn't already invested so much time and energy in my Earnest account I would definitely be taking my business elsewhere, and am considering doing so regardless.

University of Connecticut, MD
Jul 6, 2017

Couldn't be easier.

I did everything online. I don't think there was so much as an email conversation needed, it was all laid out in front of me and I love the payment amount slider. One recommendation would be for you to add an amortization table for those of us who are more interested in the details. Maybe provide that as a link? Thanks!

University of California-Los Angeles, MBA
Jul 6, 2017

Genuine customer service.

My experience has been wonderful. I am so glad I refinanced through Earnest. It has been a pleasant and easy experience so far! I really like the perks of the easy-to-use website and re-amoritization!

Armstrong Atlantic State University, Other
Jul 5, 2017

Fast & Easy.

Fast, easy, and I saved ~$150/month on my student loan payment.

University of Connecticut, JD
Jul 5, 2017

Competent support, 21st century UI, excellent rates.

Earnest is a step above the normal players for student loan servicing in terms of responsiveness, website usability, and rates. I recommend Earnest to all my friends.

Wentworth Institute of Technology, Bachelors
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