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Pay less interest.

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We offer student loan refinancing that fits your life. Variable rates start at 2.57% APR, and fixed rates start at 3.25% APR with autopay. Get your rate estimate without affecting your credit score.
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Clients who refinance with Earnest save $21,810 on average


  • Tailor your exact minimum monthly payment
  • Increase payment anytime to pay off loan faster
  • Save on interest with optional bi-weekly payments

  • Make extra or early payments without fees
  • Skip a payment and make it up later
  • Consolidate your private and federal loans

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Save even more when you refinance with Precision Pricing™


Pick the monthly payment that's right for your budget. Precision Pricing™ means our student loan rates are just as low at 5-, 10-, 15-, and 20-year terms – and lower for everything in between.

Student loan refinancing the new-fashioned way


Our data-driven evaluation of your full financial profile gives us the ability to offer qualified borrowers lower, more personalized rates than traditional lenders can.

How it works
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To be able to pay off my student loans before their original term date and save so much on the life of the loan is huge.


A refinancing experience built to save you time and money


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By analyzing information beyond your credit score, we can quickly provide you a rate estimate. You will receive your final rate when your application to refinance has been approved.


We look at data other lenders don’t, like savings, education, and earning potential. This helps us build a better picture of your full financial profile so that we can offer our clients the lowest possible rates on their loans.


If you’re approved to refinance with Earnest, you can set your exact monthly payment and choose between a variable and fixed rate. How do we decide? Read our eligibility guide.

rate estimate earnest


By analyzing information beyond your credit score, we can quickly provide you a rate estimate. You will receive your final rate when your application to refinance has been approved.

loan application earnest


We look at data other lenders don’t, like savings, education, and earning potential. This helps us build a better picture of your full financial profile so that we can offer our clients the lowest possible rates on their loans.

loan decision earnest


If you’re approved to refinance with Earnest, you can set your exact monthly payment and choose between a variable and fixed rate. How do we decide? Read our eligibility guide.

Credit is complicated—learn the basics here

We’ve put together a library of essential resources (like how-to guides, comparisons, and calculators) to help you make better choices when it comes to refinancing student loans. And keep an eye out—we’re always adding more.

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Student Loan Refinancing 101

Why Refinance Student Loans?

When you refinance student loans, you get credit for the positive changes to your financial profile since you originally took out the loans. A student loan refinance is a good choice for people who have seen advances in their income, career, or credit score since they were in school.

Our data-driven evaluation of your full financial profile gives us the ability to offer qualified borrowers lower, more personalized rates than traditional lenders can. So whether you want to pay off your student faster or just reduce your student loan payments, we can help.

Refinancing vs. Consolidation

Student loan consolidation is the process of unifying several loans with different rates and terms into a single loan with a single payment. The blended interest rate is determined by calculating the weighted average interest rate of the original loans (meaning higher balance loans have greater impact). Consolidating student loans does not affect the amount of interest you pay—it just simplifies your payments.

Refinancing student loans, on the other hand, is a step beyond consolidation. When you refinance multiple loans, the lender will evaluate your current financial profile to provide a rate that reflects your financial progress since you originally took out the loans. Whereas consolidation just streamlines bills, refinancing also shrinks them. Read more about refinancing vs. consolidation on our blog.

Earnest Student Loan Refinancing Reviews

See what our clients have to say

4.84/5 (49)

Great experience.

Earnest has made it really simple to refinance my student loans. The whole process was online with one phone call to verify my identity. You also get to choose your monthly payments and let's you know how much you'll be paying in interest with the amount you've chosen. I would definitely recommend to people

German O. - Daly City, California
California State University - Sacramento, Bachelors

This is how all loan servicers should be

I applied for school loan refinancing with Earnest and got the best interest rate possible, because they didn't just look at one thing in order to determine it. You have to give a lot of financial info which is a little unsettling, but it makes sense. I was able to choose the amount I wanted to pay each month, extending the timeframe for the loan by a few months in order to pay a little less, or shortening the timeframe if I wanted to pay more. I had a few questions that Earnest was able to answer through text or email, which is very convenient! This is how all loan servicers should be.

Alissa Z. - West Orange, New Jersey
Rutgers the State University of New Jersey, Bachelors

Quick, easy process facilitated by pleasant Earnest reps

I started my refinance project with a competing lender (rhymes with LoHi) and wish I would have skipped them altogether. Rude representatives, long, choppy process. Glad I came to Earnest, who recognized and rewarded my creditworthiness that I've worked hard to achieve. Icing on the cake was that each Earnest rep I spoke with was pleasant and knowledgeable.

Christopher S. - St. Louis, Missouri
Quincy University, Bachelors

Good rates, not pushy

Earnest had one of the best overall rates and a referral bonus on top of that. Pleased with my decision to refinance with them.

Ryan J. - Round Rock, Texas
Brigham Young University-Provo, MBA

An actual chance was given

A big part of being financially responsible is organization. You know who makes it really hard to stay organized? Financial institutions. There was so much trouble in understanding exactly how much I owed and to whom, especially making mistakes like ignoring the issue. It was a lot to try and reconcile. Earnest is exactly what I needed; a clear stance, a clear design, and clear language throughout the entire process. As someone who works at a company that leads in customer support, I was so delighted by the experience. It made something that is inherently difficult and emotional into something I look forward to doing.

Ashley B. - Chicago, Illinois
Ohio State University-Main Campus, Bachelors

Easy application. Good rates!

The application process was quick and easy. Rates were very competitive. My old loan for refinancing was paid off quickly. I like that there's an iPhone app. I can make an extra payment through that very easily.

Cory S. - Washington, DC
University of Rhode Island, PharmD

So far so good!

Earnest not only got me the lowest interest rate, but also the lowest monthly payment. I felt great after getting my loans out of an unnamed predatory student loan servicer that would not work with me in lowering my payments (I don't make a lot of money). My payments have been affordable and have had nothing but positive experiences with their customer service when I've had to call and ask questions.

Jonathan K. - Chicago, Illinois
Savannah College of Art and Design, Bachelors

Great Customer Service with quick loan disbursement!

Even had a $200 referral in my checking account in less than 2 weeks!

Joseph D. - Orange Park, Florida
Southern Illinois University-Carbondale, Bachelors


Great experience and quickly completed

Larry K. - Oak Hills, California
Biola University

Easy and quick process

Easy and quick process. Low rates. The support team was patient and excellent when helping me successfully navigate through the process of uploading all my required documents. I have read that the support staff is always available throughout the terms of the loan so let's hope Earnest continues to provide high customer service-one of the main reasons I chose Earnest!

Shawn B. - Cloquet, Minnesota
Saint Mary's University of Minnesota, Masters of Science or Engineering

Great so far, for the most part!

I just re-financed with Earnest and they have been great so far! My only complaint is that you can't apply an extra payment throughout the month to the principal only. The only way to do this is to make the extra payment on the day of your payment is due. Earnest seems to be more advanced than their competitors on other levels except in this aspect, as you can simply call and tell other companies to apply the extra payment to the principal and they do. I hope Earnest can improve this aspect of their business!

Nicole F. - Fort Myers, Florida
South University-Savannah, PharmD

Very easy to work with

This has been an extremely easy and rewarding process. This change has been with little effort but great reward. I'm glad that I have consolidated with Earnest!

Jason C. - Salt Lake City, Utah
Utah State University, Bachelors

Some documentation did not upload properly

Some of the required documentation did not submit as easily as I thought it should have. Customer service was extremely helpful though in guiding me through those issues.

Michael L. - Massapequa Park, New York
Manhattan College, Bachelors

I feel better

I grew very tired of traditional banks/ lenders. They were constantly buying/selling my loans, providing below average consumer service, and making it very difficult to manage my account. Earnest made it very easy to borrow and I ended up with a lower interest rate. Also, they make it very easy to understand the details of your loan.

Joseph G. - Chicago, Illinois
Saint Joseph's University, Bachelors

Great experience so far

Quick response time, great experience so far.

Ryan B. - Quincy, Illinois
Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science, Other Medical

Knowledgeable Employees

I called Earnest support about 8 times when trying to decide on which lender to go with and 2 more times after I made my decision, with only one exception, my questions were answered to my satisfaction and when folks did not know the answer, I was contacted no later than the next day with a response!

Jay B. - Longwood, Florida
South Florida State College, Associates

Quick and easy refinance!

I had an Earnest loan previously, loved the experience, and chose to refinance with them again at a better interest rate after a year. Amazing how the interest rates can change. And Earnest was willing to change my loan accordingly. It was quick and easy! So appreciative!!

Charles S. - Monticello, Arkansas
Harding University, PharmD

Great rates and service

Had all my student loans refinanced with much better rates, the referral bonus is an amazing plus and all the customer service I had was great!

Brett V. - Scottsdale, Arizona
University of Toledo, PharmD

Seamless application process.

From start to finish, this has been one of the best experiences I've had; quick, responsive, easy to follow.

Sarah S. - Fredonia, New York
University at Buffalo, MBA

Great company!

Easy to work with, no one else would give me the opportunity even with really good credit and perfect payment history. Highly recommend.

Brandon M. - Ravena, New York
The College of Saint Rose, Bachelors

Wish they were around 15 years ago!

Earnest saved me thousands. Easy, fair and everything was done efficiently. By creating a vehicle to sensibly Refi student loans, They have become the modern antidote to the excessive corruption and abuses led by Sallie Mae's former monopoly and it's unethical and extortionist practices.

Brian F. - Barrington, Illinois
DePaul University College of Law, JD

Easy transition to save a large amount of money

From the beginning to the end of my process to get my student loans to Earnest, everything was extremely easy and the Earnest folks were extremely helpful. Thanks for saving me a bunch of interest on my loans!

Tyler Z. - Sioux City, Iowa
Briar Cliff University, Bachelors

Good experience

I was surprised at how simple and fast the process was. I had a few issues before and after getting my loan approved and in both cases, the customer support team was very responsive and helpful. I am glad I did this.

Andrew J. - Cottonwood Heights, Utah
American University, Other Masters

Very Easy process

Definitely recommend giving them a shot. Got a great rate and so far I'm liking it

Michael D. - Randolph, Massachusetts
University of Massachusetts, Bachelors

4 1/2 Stars

Earnest approved my loan refinance, when another company did not. Their website is easy to use and navigate. I believe the interest rate could have been a little lower, but it's still better than my original percentage. The application process took longer than I expected, as they needed additional information from me. Not Earnest's fault as I had some credit issues years back, but is excellent now.

I would definitely recommend Earnest. Hopefully my loan payoff over the years happens without any issues.

Brandon S. - Shoreview, Minnesota
Argosy University-Twin Cities, Associates

Quick follow-up

Earnest followed up quickly when I had questions during the process, were very helpful in making the refinance simple. Plus it will save me a lot of money in interest!

Abigail B. - Denver, Colorado
Regis University, Other

Fast & Easy Refinancing

I was able to get approved and refinance my loan to save 3% per year in less than 5 days.

Nick F. - Mount Pleasant, South Carolina
Charleston School of Law, JD

Smooth and easy process.

The process was timely and very easy to understands and follow. Great individualistic approach!

Wojtek K. - Wescosville, Pennsylvania
Kutztown University of Pennsylvania, Bachelors

Great experience.

I kept getting denied from other businesses so when I was approved through Earnest I was ecstatic! The process was smooth and intuitive, and the payoff to my other loans happened faster than I expected. I use the app and auto-pay, which makes everything simple and easy to find. All in all, stellar experience!

Alana C. - Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania
Southern New Hampshire University, Bachelors

Very helpful.

I was relieved instantly by Earnest on my student loan consolidation and refinancing. They are very proactive and without a delay and the interest rate is unbeatable. Awesomness!!!

Foster A. - Bronx, New York
New York University, Bachelors

Great rates and customer service.

Great rates and customer service.

Richard L. - Broomfield, Colorado
Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville, DDS

Happy I took the time

The process to refinance seemed a bit daunting prior to coming to Earnest. With Earnest the process was easy, very thorough and I was informed of the next steps all along the way. Most importantly i'm able to save a lot of money refinancing a student loan that was a high variable rate to a much lower fixed rate with better terms.

Joshua B. - Chicago, Illinois
DePaul University, Bachelors

Easiest most straightforward way to refinance

See headline. Super simple, and their audit mechanism automatically sets up billing if you move forward, which is a great feature.

Frank D. - Boulder, Colorado
University of Chicago, MBA

Very easy and helpful

Makes applying a very easy process with great customer service and great rates too!

Douglas K. - Fishers, Indiana
Purdue University, Bachelors

Easy and helpful.

Transferring my loans to Earnest was very easy and it will save money with a lower interest rate. I am so glad that this is an option. Sallie Mae and Navient have been bilking customers for too long with high interest rates. It's about time that they have serious competition.

Madelyn B. - Escondido, California
CUNY Graduate School and University Center, Other

Quick, Easy, Painless.

After being jerked around by my old loan servicer, refinancing with Earnest was simple and easy.

Elizabeth S. - Greenbelt, Maryland
University of Maryland, Other Masters

Highly satisfied with my Student Loan Refi.

First of all, customer service is top notch and very efficient. I had an e-mail answer within 5 hours. When I called with a question I never had to wait! They were very helpful and knowledgeable.
Second big factor in my decision was the ability to have payments twice a month. I actually had a lower rate with SoFi but went with Earnest because SoFi did not allow you to have two payments a month. This ended up saving me an entire YEAR of additional payments. So in the long run, I saved more money with Earnest. Happy with my decision.

Elise K. - Minneapolis, Minnesota
University of Minnesota, Masters of Arts

Less debt!

Earnest has allowed me to aggressively pay down my student loan debt.

Brian A. - Saint Louis, Missouri
Ross University, School of Medicine, MD

Great customer service.

Great customer service. Quick and easy process.

Arthur A. - Los Angeles. California
California Northstate University College of Pharmacy, PharmD

You guys rock.

So happy I refinanced with Earnest. Great customer service, and I love the flexibility Earnest offers for repayment. Best out there.

Ashley W. - Redondo Beach, California
Pepperdine University, JD

Easy and simple.

Great staff in customer service. Quick to respond to questions. Smooth process in transitioning loans. I was concerned about giving out my info but it was safe and confidential. I have recommended earnest to my colleagues.

Bryson S. - Thomasville, North Carolina
Wingate University, Other Masters

Great Service.

Helped make dealing with student loans a lot less stressful!

Michael K. - Charlotte, North Carolina
North Carolina State University at Raleigh, Bachelors

Excellent Customer Service!

I felt wary of making a change from the Federal repayment system, primarily because I was worried that if something unexpected were to happen to me, that my family would be stuck with a large private loan. With a Master's degree, all paid for in loans, that debt number is pretty high and will remain so for a few years. When I expressed my concerns, Jenny, from Earnest replied quickly to my e-mail with information regarding the policy at Earnest (same as Federal), and was very friendly, even through e-mail. I felt like any question or concern was valid, and would be answered promptly and thoroughly. Now, I'm saving almost 100.00 a month in interest, and feeling much more confident that my student loan debt is manageable in a timely manner.

Cassandra F. - Ewa Beach, Hawaii
Central Michigan University, Masters of Arts

Extremely helpful and kind staff.

Refinanced my student loan (currently held with Earnest) to get a better, fixed rate. The process was very easy and the customer support was what you'd expect -- excellent.

Bryan S. - Ashburn, Virginia
Regent University, Masters of Arts

Not so tech friendly.

Your company's insistence on keeping everything electronic is a significant barrier to getting business done when the technology just doesn't work. It's completely ridiculous that you don't have a fax machine as back-up for when the electronic option isn't feasible. Furthermore, there should be a streamlined application for people who already have Earnest loans and want to re-finance that loan. If I hadn't already invested so much time and energy in my Earnest account I would definitely be taking my business elsewhere, and am considering doing so regardless.

Saskia C. - Winslow, Maine
University of Connecticut, MD

Couldn't be easier.

I did everything online. I don't think there was so much as an email conversation needed, it was all laid out in front of me and I love the payment amount slider. One recommendation would be for you to add an amortization table for those of us who are more interested in the details. Maybe provide that as a link? Thanks!

Chihiro G. K. - McKinney, Texas
University of California-Los Angeles, MBA

Genuine customer service.

My experience has been wonderful. I am so glad I refinanced through Earnest. It has been a pleasant and easy experience so far! I really like the perks of the easy-to-use website and re-amoritization!

Amy K. - Savannah, Georgia
Armstrong Atlantic State University, Other

Fast & Easy.

Fast, easy, and I saved ~$150/month on my student loan payment.

Sarah D. - Boston, Massachusetts
University of Connecticut, JD

Competent support, 21st century UI, excellent rates.

Earnest is a step above the normal players for student loan servicing in terms of responsiveness, website usability, and rates. I recommend Earnest to all my friends.

Eric B. - Ayer, Massachusetts
Wentworth Institute of Technology, Bachelors
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Reviews solicited from random sample of Earnest clients since July 2017. All responses are published here in full. No compensation was provided in exchange for reviews.