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Student loans designed for Stanford

Whether running the Dish in the Stanford foothills for the first time or proudly mounting their Cardinal diploma, Stanford University students and grads are some of the highest-achieving—and happiest—in the world. By helping students afford this world-class alma mater, Earnest is proud to help The Tree stand tall. Please note, Stanford is not affiliated with Earnest and does not endorse Earnest's loans.


The Farm that built the future

Companies founded by Stanford alumni include HP, Google, Instagram, and PayPal

Palo Alto provides a serene setting for the world-changing technologies being developed across campus, and the beauty of Stanford University is evident whether you’re in the Main Quad or the top of Hoover Tower. But contrary to its current reputation, Stanford isn’t all about Silicon Valley. Besides the popular GSB MBA program, the Stanford Law School and Stanford School of Medicine are highly competitive JD and MD programs.

The campus also features two world-class art museums, the Cantor Arts Center and the Anderson Collection, which opened in 2014. Additionally, this Pac-12 school is one of the best performing universities in NCAA athletics, with hundreds of team and individual championships.


Enjoy The Farm without giving away the farm

Earnest student loans and student loan refinancing

Stanford Alumni

With our simple online dashboard and personalized service, we provide Stanford grads a seamless consolidation and refinancing experience. We offer rates based on your unique financial profile and let you customize your payments to match your preferred budget and timeline. No matter how far you’ve come from Sand Hill Road, we can help you reach life’s next step sooner.

Stanford Students

Stanford is dedicated to providing a world-class education that anyone can afford. Students whose parents have a combined income under $125K per year will have their tuition waived, and those from families who earn less than $65K per year won’t have to pay room and board, either. We encourage you to contact the Stanford Financial Aid Office to learn more about Stanford scholarships, grants, jobs, and other ways to ensure you leave campus with a mountain of great memories—not debt.  


Behind the scenes of Stanford student loan refinancing

Get the facts before making any decisions

How should I choose a student loan refinancing provider?

When comparing loans, take into account the rates you’re offered, as well as factors like flexibility and customer service from the loan provider. Many companies will outsource your loan servicing.

Which type of loans can I refinance?

You can refinance both Federal and private student loans with Earnest. You’ll effectively consolidate all your loans into one new, lower rate Earnest loan.

What are the benefits of refinancing my student loan(s)?

Many people are able to refinance into much lower interest rates, saving them thousands, if not tens of thousands, of dollars. In addition, Earnest offers in-house support for the life of your loan and a seamless technology platform to manage your loan.

Can I refinance loans that have previously been consolidated or refinanced?

Yes. Previous refinancing or consolidation does not affect the eligibility of your application.

Who should consider refinancing with Earnest?

Refinancing is a great solution for employed or soon-to-be-employed graduates who have high-interest, unsubsidized Direct Loans, Graduate PLUS loans, and/or private loans.

What is the difference between consolidation and refinancing?

Consolidation simply combines multiple student loans into one. That means one monthly payment instead of having to juggle many different ones, sometimes with multiple servicers. When you consolidate, your interest rate will be a weighted average of the interest rates on the loans you combine. You won’t save money— but it can make life easier by reducing the amount of time you spend managing different payments.

Refinancing can be done with one loan or several, and involves getting a new loan with a different (usually lower) rate than before, due to changes in your financial situation. When you refinance, you typically work with a company to pay off the original loan(s) and get a new unified loan at a lower rate.

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Refinancing is easier with Earnest

Rather than looking at student loans as a ball and chain, we see them as a balloon—lifting students to new heights, and enabling incredible opportunities and achievements. Through innovative data science we make that balloon as light as possible, saving clients thousands on every loan. And with exceptional service, we ensure our clients make decisions with confidence. At Earnest, we seek to offer a student loan like no other.