Principles of Underwriting


Trust is at the heart of all lifelong relationships. We believe trust is built through getting to know one another honestly, which is why we ask so many questions about you. Trust is a two-way street, and at Earnest we believe in being open and transparent about who we are, what we do, and how we do it. If you have any questions, just call and ask. We love hearing from you.


It makes sense for people to only take out a loan they can afford. We work hard to understand not only your background and future potential but also what will fit into your budget each month. This ensures you are primed for success and protects us all against the dangers of an unstable and over-leveraged financial system.


We believe that financial responsibility, not wealth, should be the primary driver of your access to the tools and resources that enable you to build your life. It is not about your income level, it is about living within your means, putting a little away in savings each month, and working hard to make that next step in life.

The Full Picture

People are unique. Understanding our clients is part of what makes our work a mission, not a job. We love the singular complexity of every Earnest applicant. A single credit score can only tell one part of your financial story. It takes every part of your profile to gain an understanding of who you are. There is no one thing that drives the Earnest process.


We believe where you are going is more important than where you have been. Your past is important but your ability to afford a loan is defined by your future – we look forward to what you can achieve.


We reward stability and consistent achievement but also look for personal growth. Every person has a different route to personal and professional success. At Earnest we are not as concerned with which road you choose, only that you are building for your life ahead.


We look for people who have made a significant investment in their education and career, and are a pillar in their community. This demonstrates a commitment to your future and a desire to keep the promises you make to yourself.


People make mistakes. We understand this happens even to the best people. Our task is to identify and forgive the occasional oversight.