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Earnest Operations LLC currently holds lending licenses in the following states:

State License Number License Key
Arizona CL 0928802 Consumer Lender
California 605 4788 Finance Lender
Connecticut SLC-1204917 Small Loan Lender License
Colorado 992644 Supervised Lender
District of Columbia ML9534 Money Lenders - Class A
Idaho RRL-9469 Regulated Lender License
Indiana 26995 Loan License
Iowa NRR-2016-0100 Master Loan Company Regsitration
Kansas SL-0026653 Supervised Loan License
Louisiana 1204917 Licensed Lender Main Office
Maryland 2260 Installment Loan
Maryland 1468 Consumer Loan
Maine SFC13548 Sales Finance Company
Maine SLM14200 License of Authority
Michigan 0020328 Regulated Loan License
Missouri 367-15-7727 Consumer Credit Loan Company
Montana 1204917 Consumer Loan License
North Dakota MB102978 Money Broker License
Oklahoma 86140 Lender License
Oklahoma SL008410 License of Authority
Oregon 0447-001-C Consumer Finance License
Pennsylvania 45960 Consumer Discount Company
South Carolina S-8696 Supervised Lenders License
South Carolina S-8696 Consumer Loans: Rights and Responsibilities pamphlet
South Dakota MYL.3220 Money Lender License
Vermont 6928 Lender License
Washington CL 1204917 Consumer Loan
Wyoming SL-3764 Supervised Lender License