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Earnest Operations LLC currently holds lending licenses in the following states:

State License Number License Key
Arizona CL 0928802 Consumer Lender
California 605 4788 Finance Lender
Colorado 992644 Supervised Lender
District of Columbia ML9534 Money Lenders - Class A
Indiana 26995 Loan License
Iowa NRR-2016-0100 Master Loan Company Regsitration
Kansas SL-0026653 Supervised Loan License
Louisiana 1204917 Licensed Lender Main Office
Maryland 2260 Installment Loan
Maryland 1468 Consumer Loan
Maine SFC13548 Sales Finance Company
Missouri 367-15-7727 Consumer Credit Loan Company
North Dakota MB102978 Money Broker License
Oklahoma 86140 Lender License
Oregon 0447-001-C Consumer Finance License
Pennsylvania 45960 Consumer Discount Company
South Carolina S-8696 Supervised Lenders License
South Carolina S-8696 Consumer Loans: Rights and Responsibilities pamphlet
South Dakota MYL.3220 Money Lender License
Vermont 6928 Lender License
Washington CL 1204917 Consumer Loan