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We are using the latest technology, better data, and a clear understanding of the financial needs of our clients to reinvent personal lending. There are no catches or tricky details hidden in the fine print. There are, however, a few things that we do differently that allow us to lend at rates far below those typically offered by other lenders.


Traditional lending is primarily done with credit scores which reflect only a small part of your financial picture. At Earnest we look at additional factors such as your education, employment history, and financial picture in parallel with your credit history. This allows us to lend smarter and gives us an accurate insight into how financially responsible you truly are. For instance, financially responsible young people just entering the job market often do not have a lengthy credit history. This means their credit score will not fairly reflect their actual creditworthiness. At Earnest our mission is to identify the most financially responsible people using all the information they present to us so we can lend to them at the lowest possible rates.


We believe that every person has a unique story and understanding that story is critical to making an accurate decision. For this reason our application is more comprehensive than traditional lenders. We look at thousands of data points for each individual to arrive at a complete financial picture, giving us the ability to approve them for the loan they can comfortably afford at the lowest rate we can offer.


Traditional underwriting looks backwards to determine creditworthiness. We look forward. The information in each person’s profile is run through a series of predictive analytics and algorithms to find people who show great financial responsibility and potential.


Our loan process is more thorough than most lenders and we are extremely selective in looking for the most financially responsible people. The thousands of data points and our software-based lending platform allow us to reduce the risk of fraud as well as borrower defaults. Ultimately this reduces our costs, and we pass those savings on to our clients in the form of lower rates.


We do not waste money on big buildings with giant pillars. Our software system streamlines the application process and allows us to keep our costs low. However, we always welcome a chance to speak to our clients directly. Give us a call anytime or drop us a note, we would love to hear from you. Email us at


Your Earnest profile is where we get to know you. You can easily upload information about your education, employment, income, debts, and financial habits. It is an easy but in-depth process. We take verification seriously, and we will ask you to verify your information by linking to your accounts and uploading documents.


We spend a lot of time and energy verifying and reviewing each application and getting to know our clients. We look at profiles from almost every point of view to understand your past and give you credit for your future potential. By only lending the appropriate amount to financially responsible people, we minimize fraud and defaults enabling us to lend at very low rates. For our clients, this means living your life without having to worry about high rates or hidden fees.


At Earnest your data security and privacy are our highest priority. We understand that you are trusting us to keep your personal information secure and confidential – and we take that trust seriously. This is why we have built a state-of-the-art security system for all of our information, with industry-proven encryption and multiple layers of security which we constantly monitor for any suspicious activity. Below is an overview of our security and privacy basics. For more information, check our Security & Privacy policy


Personal information is the foundation of our business. We absolutely understand the value and importance of keeping your personal information safe. Multiple layers and different types of protections are essential to online data security. Think of it like you need a key, a secret handshake, and a password before being allowed in. We have put in place a multi-layer security system built out of firewall barriers, encryption techniques, and multi-factor authentication procedures. Finally, all activity is continually monitored, and anything out of the ordinary is immediately investigated.


We do not sell your information. To complete your loan requests we may need to share information provided by you with our partners so that they can perform the requested services, but your information is never for sale. For more details, please see our Privacy Policy.


Limiting data movement and access is another key component to our data security. We never store your bank login information. Instead we leverage third-party banking industry leaders to connect with your account to verify your financial information. In addition, we maintain read-only access to your account until we are ready to move money into it. Sensitive personal information is stored on isolated servers, and access is restricted to a limited number of authorized Earnest employees who can only access this information through multi-factor authentication procedures.


We only partner with the most trusted and credible partners and technology in the security industry. That includes monitoring and verification by VeriSign, supported by RSA Security. Bank account data is accessed via our partners, Intuit and Yodlee. These partners are best-in-class integrators, used by the world’s most trusted online financial services companies.