Your Earnest student loans and COVID-19

Your Earnest student loans and COVID-19 Learn more

Power to students and people with student loans

At Earnest, we help make college possible for students and help those with student loans pay off their loans faster.

Student Loan

For people with student loans who would like to save money.

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Private Student

For current or future students who need to pay for college.

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Student Loans

For those who would like to cosign a student loan with a student.

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Our mission is to help you get on the right financial path.

Who We Are

We are financial and tech experts who felt that student lending needs to change.

Why We’re Earnest

We have seen friends and family struggle with student debt and we are seeking to do things differently.

What We Do

We build financial products that give people the break they need, whether it’s private student loans or refinancing.


Check out the pros of refinancing

With refinancing, we help you exchange your old student loan for a new one. Here are the pros of refinancing:

  • A low interest rate that could take years off your loan
  • A new loan term. Only Earnest lets you pick your payoff date.
  • A better monthly payment that fits your budget

Check your rate in 2 minutes.

Private Student Loans

The benefits of a private student loan

Start with Federal Aid, grants, and scholarships. If that doesn’t cover it, that’s where private loans come in.

  • A low interest rate when compared to government rates
  • No fees, including late fees or origination fees
  • A real person who can walk you through the application process.

Going Merry

One app for all financial aid

Applying for scholarships or looking for financial aid can be a struggle, but Going Merry, which is a part of Earnest, makes it easy.

  • One mobile app to apply for FAFSA, scholarships, and grants
  • An easier FAFSA application that’s written in plain English
  • Autofilled applications to help save time
  • No hidden fees. No ads.

Total Student Loans Refinanced $16.4 billion

Total Student Loans Refinanced

Happy Clients Earned 179,000+

Happy Clients Earned

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