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Introducing a new, improved student loan

Earnest private student loans are designed for today’s students, families, and financial aid professionals, with a guided application process and friendly support at every step. Enter your info to hear from our school support team.

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Benefits of Earnest Private Student Loans

A simple yet sophisticated student loan built to support your students

  • Fast application and approval process
  • 9-month grace period (3 months more than most lenders)
  • No fees for origination, disbursement, prepayment, or late payment

  • Skip a payment once per year (once repayment period has started)
  • Support from our student loan specialists
  • 0.25% Auto Pay discount
  • Covers up to 100% of school’s certified cost of attendance

Frequently Asked Questions by Financial Aid Professionals

Who is eligible for an Earnest loan?

Eligible students must be:

• Attending, or enrolled to attend, full-time at an eligible Title IV 4-year institution
• Residing in state that Earnest lends in (all but AK, CT, DE, GA, HI, IL, KY, NH, NV, OH, TX, VA)
• The age of majority in their state of residence
• A U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident or have a cosigner who is

Which certification methods do you support?

We support the following certification methods:

  • ELMNet
  • Great Lakes ScholarNet
  • Most school based software (SBS) with Commonline 4
  • Which disbursement methods do you support?

    We support the following disbursement methods:

  • Great Lakes CDS
  • EFT to your school’s bank account
  • Paper check
  • A Dedication to Better Lending

    Earnest was founded in 2013 to help grads save money by refinancing student loans. Since then Earnest has helped thousands of clients reduce the interest they pay, through innovative underwriting that rewards responsible financial habits. In 2019 Earnest expanded its lending to current students, to offer them flexible payments and personalized rates as well.