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Money Personality

What’s Your Money Personality?

This piece was first published by Navient. Earnest joined the Navient family of companies in October 2017

April is Financial Literacy Month, so there’s no better time to review your financial health. A recent report released by Navient highlights how millennials are managing their money, which begs a couple of key questions: Do you keep a budget and set savings goals, or do you splurge more than you put away? Find out what your financial habits reveal about your outlook on money and how it compares to other young adults.

Money Under 35 offers a glimpse into the financial realities and attitudes of young Americans between 22 and 35. A quiz on financial habits accompanies the report and offers young adults the opportunity to see how their behaviors align with survey trends.

Do you think now is the time to start planning for retirement? If so, you might be a Goalsetter. Nearly all young adults report they are saving. Emergency funds (40%) and vacation funds (38%) are two of the most common savings goals. However, only 3 in 10 young adults in the United States say they are saving for retirement.

money growth

Whether you’re a Trendsetter, a Goalsetter, an Optimist, or a Pathfinder, the Money Under 35 quiz offers a variety of tips and tools for successful financial management. And, bonus — they’re all available online and totally free! Here are just a few examples to get started:

  • Path to Success is a series of award-winning interactive videos on a range of topics, including budgets, credit scores, military education loan benefits, student loan repayment options, interest rates, and savings and investments.
  • The Career Playbook is a free YouTube-based series of videos designed to help you land the job you want and enjoy the career you deserve. Learn how to harness the power of LinkedIn, avoid common interview traps, cultivate a mentor, and much more.
  • The Money & Finances tab of includes money-saving strategies, a monthly budget worksheet, a to-do list for making a first loan payment, information for tax season, and more.
  • Navient’s Loan Repayment Calculator can help you explore how much faster and cheaper you can pay off your student loans by paying extra each month.

After taking the quiz and checking out these resources, explore the full Money Under 35 report to see how young Americans are managing the different financial aspects of their lives, from student loans to retirement savings.

money under 35 quiz

Written by Nikki Lavoie, a spokeswoman at Navient. Navient is a student loan servicer helping more than 12 million customers successfully repay their student loans. Her money personality is “Goalsetter,” but this working mom and part-time student still likes to spurge for an occasional spa manicure.

Disclaimer: This blog post provides personal finance educational information, and it is not intended to provide legal, financial, or tax advice.