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day of service

Our Second Annual MLK Day of Service

Come build the future of education financing.

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On January 15, 2018, our team joined America in its annual recognition of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., supporting our local community through volunteerism and by marching collectively in honor of his legacy.


At Earnest, our goal was to engage our second MLK’s Day of Service by accomplishing two activities, because it felt important to do something that was uplifting and inclusive for this annual tradition. Some Earnest employees put on their walking shoes to support the NorCal MLK Jr. Foundation annual march and another small group participated in the Golden Gate Park National Conservancy activity to clean up Ocean Beach, in San Francisco.

Maintain our Earnest values


Out of the five core values that set the foundation for our culture at Earnest, the “Make it Happen” value often takes center stage; it is a value that helps us build great financial products and services for our clients while contributing to our approach towards civic engagement.  Historically, Earnest has committed to supporting a wide range of causes, from packaging 9000 pounds of food for the SF-Marin Food Bank, spending time with local children at our local Boys and Girls Club, and this is just a few of the many opportunities we’ve supported over the past four years.

We are only at the beginning

As we face the future of 2018, there will be many more causes to support and numerous civic events that will attract our attention, and we will gladly meet those opportunities head-on. We’re actively looking for more people to join us in this endeavor, and we expect our involvement will be even greater in the days ahead. Sticking with the tradition of our last MLK Day of Service blog post, we would love to have more community-minded people join us, because — well,  we’re hiring!

Come build the future of education financing.

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