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no spend weekend

The Earnest ‘No Spend Weekend’ Challenge

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Earlier this summer, we challenged Earnies to a No Spend Weekend.

The rules were simple: 

  1. No discretionary spending — Try not to use any cash, credit, or debit cards this weekend. This could include shopping, Ubers/taxis, coffee, eating out, etc. 
  2. Continue to pay your bills — Don’t stop paying any recurring expenses! The key is to try and eliminate ‘want’ spending, not necessary expenses like rent or student loan bills. 

That’s it, just two easy rules to celebrate the free activities in life!

So what did we get up to during the Earnest No Spend Weekend?

“It was sunny in San Francisco, so I spent the weekend reading in my hammock.” – Carolyn

“I went to a filmmaker meetup, made some new friends, and had a great brainstorm for a future project.” – David

“I enjoyed some time in the great outdoors, hiking in the mountains near my home.”- Wini

“My garden got some much needed attention!”- Craig

“Went for a long bike ride on Saturday and spent Sunday recovering.” – Matt

“Got some sun while lounging by the pool.”- Tyler

“I hiked Mt. Olympus outside Salt Lake City with my wife and dog.”- John

“I saw Jupiter and its 4 moons, and even some banding of the planet, from a strangers telescope.”- Zach

“We went to the pool and the playground with my kids.” – Keerthe

“I had some quality time with my cats and cooked at home, rather than ordering out.” – Isabelle

“We hosted a board game night with friends.” – Kyle

Check out our Instagram to see photos of our No Spend Weekend. 

Planning your own No Spend Weekend? Let us know by tagging @meetearnest on Instagram and using the hashtag #earnestchallenge.

Come build the future of education financing.

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