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Grooms on wedding day

Earnest’s Summer of Love

At Earnest, we’re proud to have clearly defined values that have guided our team and product development since day one. One of those – if not the biggest – is love. We love code. We love good design. We love our teammates, and we love our clients. And we definitely love love itself, in all its forms.

That’s why for the rest of this Summer, in celebration of the Supreme Court’s historic ruling for marriage equality and in recognition of all the challenges still to come, Earnest will donate $200 to the Equality Federation or GLAAD for any funded personal loan relating to wedding or engagement expenses (think: that pesky deposit for your caterer, an extra special honeymoon, or just all the flights it takes to make this wedding season the best ever.)

Grooms on wedding day

To qualify, simply apply for a personal loan and be sure to select either Engagement/Wedding or Vacation/Honeymoon as your “Loan Purpose” and note what you’ll specifically be using your new low-interest funds for. If you’re approved and accept your loan term, email “[email protected]” with a quick reminder that you’d like $200 donated to further advance LGBTQ rights and equality. We’ll send you a confirmation as soon as we’ve completed the donation.

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Disclaimer: This blog post provides personal finance educational information, and it is not intended to provide legal, financial, or tax advice.