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Meet the Next Generation of Banking

Meet the Next Generation of Banking

Come build the future of education financing.

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When Earnest opened its doors two years ago, our team had an ambitious goal: to build the modern bank for the next generation.

To do that, we re-imagined the process of everyday financial transactions — like borrowing — to blend technology, design, and service into something wholly unique and refreshing. It’s equal parts technology and human relationships.

The result of all this work is lower rates, radical term flexibility, and increased transparency around loan terms and your finances.

Our idea is not only working, it’s thriving. In the last year alone, we grew 50x in loans originated.

We are thrilled to announce we have raised a new equity round of funding for $75 million that will help us build more products and serve more people.

Today, our team has more than 160 engineers, data scientists, product and graphic designers, researchers, analysts, and on-site Client Happiness team members to talk through your finances one-on-one on the phone.

We love getting to know our clients — and we want you to know us. We asked a few team members from across the company to share what they’re working on and why it matters. Here’s what they said.

Hala Baig, Client Happiness Specialist


When I first started at Earnest, I was one of two Client Happiness team members and I was lucky enough to help shape what service means to Earnest. Over a year later, I still see just how important service is to our company and how essential Client Happiness is in building real relationships with our clients that I think are way more important than just offering them loans.



Jeff Rosenberger, Head of Product Strategy

imageWe are in a period of incredible innovation for consumer finance. Technology has enabled consumers to access things that previously were cost-prohibitive. Helping to democratize sophisticated asset allocation advice and investment strategies, like tax-loss harvesting, was part of my previous work at Wealthfront. Now I am excited to be working at Earnest so that every person can access sophisticated banking and lending services.


Scott Turnquest, Head of Product Engineering


Banks should treat people more fairly. Banking should be easier. Banking should be faster. What I like about my role in engineering is that we can achieve all of this with technology. What I love about Earnest is that we do it because it’s the right thing.



Priya Pai, Deputy General Counsel

imageWhen clients come to Earnest, they experience just one part of a larger organization when they borrow for a loan. As deputy general counsel, one of my roles is to help ensure we obtain lending capital with favorable terms — ultimately, this allows us to provide our clients with more flexible and personalized loans.


Aaron Bailey, Senior Product Designer


My goal is not just to find ways to incorporate new technologies or design, but to solve some of the personal problems that affect people when it comes to their finances. Building a better bank isn’t just some new shiny safe deposit box. It’s building a system that frees people to do more in their lives.

Whether you’re new to Earnest or already a client, all of us at Earnest are delighted to be on this journey with you. If you’re interested in working for Earnest, join us — we’re hiring!




Come build the future of education financing.

Join the Team
Disclaimer: This blog post provides personal finance educational information, and it is not intended to provide legal, financial, or tax advice.