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The Earnest Notebook: To Do Lists // Tech Diversity  // Happy Idaho

We’re excited to bring you the first Earnest Notebook: a weekly roundup of articles and ideas from around the web—sometimes serious and sometimes not—about the intersection between money, school, work, and life. It’s designed to be a quick read—and as always, we want to address topics that matter to our readers. Please email us at [email protected] with writing that piques your interest.

Why the Humble Notebook is Flourishing in the iPhone Era | 10 minutes (The New Republic)

We couldn’t start a column called the Notebook without a nod to actual notebooks, which have a new cult following in the digital age. If you love making “to do” lists—whether for work or for life—then these notebook hacks are for you.

Diversity Is A Broken Product in Tech. FIX IT | 8 minutes  (Medium)

The social media company Facebook released its hiring and diversity number on July 14, which was met with both criticism and cheers (it’s the first time the company included LGBTQ data). This is a powerful personal essay from a former Facebooker about her experience as a product manager.

Here’s the State With the Happiest Workers | 2 minutes (Business Insider)

Is your morning commute on hot, crowded public transit slowly killing your spirit? You’re not alone. It turns out people in more remote states, like Idaho, say they are among the happiest employees in the country, according to a new study. See you in Boise!

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