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The Earnest Notebook: Education Reform // Rental Space // Losing Weight

Welcome to the Earnest Notebook, a weekly roundup of articles and ideas from around the web—sometimes serious and sometimes not—about the intersection between money, school, work, and life. It’s designed to be a quick read—and as always, we want to address topics that matter to our readers . Please email us at [email protected] with writing that piques your interest.

The student loan crisis is overblown. The real problem is college completion rates. 11 minutes | (Vox)

The former president of Princeton University debunks some of the hyped statistics around student loans—citing student loan data from Treasury we have also written about—and proposes key reforms and hard choices leaders in higher education might make.

What Does $1,500 Rent Get You in the Top U.S. Cities 6 minutes | (RENTCafe blog)

How much square footage can you get for your money? If you live in New York or San Francisco, you already know the depressing answer. However, for other parts of the country—hi Memphis!—your rental money can secure a surprising amount of space. Good data reporting here. 

The Cost of Losing 30 Pounds  8 minutes | (The Billfold)

The diet industry is a huge one—reportedly earning more than $60 billion in revenue in 2014. But who are the individuals who contribute to this figure? This writer breaks down her own attempts to lose weight in actual dollars and cents. One insight? Not eating much is deceptively expensive.  

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