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Coding Schools: A New-Fashioned Career Path

Coding Schools: A New-Fashioned Career Path


In addition to our radically flexible student loan refinancing and private student loans, Earnest has also quickly become the market leader of lending for coding school students. We’re helping students all over the country fund this investment in their careers, and worked with Wired Magazine to dive deeper into our data around this new-fashioned career path.

Some key findings:

  • The average age of a new coding school student is 28.5
  • Coding school students carry an average of $29,900 of debt prior to attending their respective program — with nearly half of that (46.4%) coming from student loans.
  • Students’ average self-reported income prior to attending a coding program was $45,000. After graduating, our program partners report a jump in starting salaries to $60,000 – $80,000.
  • According to our partners, a full 94% of students are employed within three months of graduating.

See all of our findings in the infographic above, and let us know your own experiences on Twitter and Facebook.

Disclaimer: This blog post provides personal finance educational information, and it is not intended to provide legal, financial, or tax advice.