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Startup Institute

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We are excited to announce today that we have begun a partnership with Startup Institute to provide first-of-its-kind financing for their qualifying Boston and New York students.

The reason for this partnership is simple: One of our beliefs at Earnest is that young, financially responsible people deserve better access to credit than the market currently provides. Going back to school for a new job in the innovation economy is not only financially responsible, but bold and financially forward-thinking. Startup Institute offers a path for these individuals to steer their professional growth, and entering the program is a great step forward for both their career and their financial future.

Startup Institute is helping to rebuild job training to make it faster and more relevant than ever, and we are excited to help make it even more affordable. While the cost of traditional education continues to rise, next-generation organizations like Startup Institute offer a modern, much needed alternative, and we are happy to provide a next-generation financing option for their students.

The funding is simple – Students accepted into the SI program can receive an Earnest loan to cover the cost of their tuition and defer payments until after graduation.

It is exciting to offer this opportunity to the great group of students who are working hard to improve their lives and build their future. We think graduates of Startup Institute are going to help shape the future of the new economy, and we are excited to begin building a lifetime relationship with them through this offering.

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Disclaimer: This blog post provides personal finance educational information, and it is not intended to provide legal, financial, or tax advice.