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Ask Earnest: New Year’s Money Resolutions for 2019

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As we wrap up 2018, many people will be thinking about what they want to do differently next year. We asked around the office to hear what financial goals Earnest employees have for 2019, and what they will work on to achieve their goals.

“In 2019 I want to pay off my car loan.” – Caitlyn H.

Buy Bitcoin.” – Ryan Y.

“Smart people tell me the road to financial independence is passive income, so in 2019 I want to educate myself on investment property ownership and perhaps dip my toes in.” – David Z.

“I would like to be more mindful about the amount I spend on transportation and bike to work more often.” – Carolyn M.

“Have at least 10% of my financial portfolio in stocks.” – Mainak P.

“Add more debt, I want to buy a house this year!” – Reeva N.

“My main goal is to be debt free in 2019 by sticking to a budget for necessary expenses and put everything else towards current debt.” – Tyler Y.

“I will be doing a (mostly) sober January and call that saving $50/week. I also will not be purchasing any coffee and calling that $5/day for the weekdays that month. That isn’t a time of savings, but a good additional motivator for financial and personal wellness.” – Delaney L.

“Identify and stop household cash leaks, like the $50 cable that nobody watches, or consolidating two cell phone bills into one by using a family plan.” – Kristina V.

“Stop heavily relying on shared rides and use public transportation more often.” – Julia F.

“I also want to buy a house in 2019.” – Scarlett L.

“Saving more money in my personal fund rather than retirement.” – Danielle D.

Put money in a 529 for my son’s future education.” – David G.

Save more.” – Mel R.

If you haven’t already made a financial resolution for 2019 feel free to borrow one of ours!

This article was written by Carolyn Pairitz Morris, Senior Editor at Earnest.

Come build the future of education financing.

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Disclaimer: This blog post provides personal finance educational information, and it is not intended to provide legal, financial, or tax advice.