2021: A record-setting year for Earnest. Great news for students.

January 26, 2022

While 2021 didn’t pack the shock value of 2020, it filled students’ lives with new challenges, as many companies shut down their student lending businesses. However, while others left students behind, Earnest expanded its business, growing the team to help support students and financial aid professionals. 

Support Across All Regions 

Earnest expanded the Campus Partnerships team to include Lou Murray, leading relationship development for Earnest in the SWASFAA and RMASFAA regions. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the team and is excited to help colleges understand the unique benefits of Earnest Private Student Loans.

“We are delighted to welcome Lou to the Earnest team,” said Tim Young, Director of Campus Partnerships. “His background and experience in the regions will be valuable to Earnest and the schools that he’ll be working with.”

Additional Funding for Cosigners 

As colleges shifted from remote to in-person and back again, Earnest tripled its private student loan business with a brand new in-school product to help parents pay for a student’s education. The Earnest Parent Student Loan product offers the same low rates, flexible terms, and in-house customer service that clients enjoy with Earnest Private Student Loans.  

#1 in Refinancing 

After launching the refinancing product in 2014, Earnest has worked hard to offer some of the lowest rates and flexible terms for student loan repayment. In 2021, that work paid off, with Earnest taking the top spot in the country to become the #1 refinancer of student loans in the United States. 

Expanded Financial Aid Access 

To give students greater access to free college funds and financial aid, Earnest acquired Going Merry, a free financial aid and scholarship platform that helps students apply for more scholarships and grants. With over 179,000 clients serviced, Earnest hopes that more of its clients and students will take advantage of Going Merry’s autofill feature to apply for free financial support. 

While 2021 has been a year of unprecedented growth for Earnest, we know this is only the beginning. As the education financing field continues to evolve, the Earnest team will be there for students, cosigners, and financial aid offers all across the country. 

About Earnest

Earnest is a technology company using technology, data, and design and exceptional service to build more affordable financial products, deliver them to more people, and engage through more human experiences. Founded in 2013 on the belief that financially responsible people deserve better options and access to credit, Earnest’s lending products are built for a new generation seeking to reach life’s milestones. The company’s mission is to empower people with the financial capital they need to live better lives. Earnest is a subsidiary of Navient. Learn more at earnest.com.