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The Year of You - 2016 at Earnest

Earnest is a technology-driven company, but it’s people who make everything possible. Without all the incredible individuals who believe in our values, nothing below could have happened. Amazing people like our employees, our investors, and most of all, our clients. All of them helped make 2016 our biggest year yet.

Jeffrey Ramos

BS Early Childhood Education, Berry College
Dalton, GA

Achievement Badges

Thanks to Earnest, I was able to manage my money and make my new place a reality. My first place was a typical first-time home for a recent graduate, but this new place is definitely something to be proud of!

I finally got engaged to my girlfriend of eight years. I was able to manage my money better thanks to Earnest and that was a huge help in affording her ring. Also I gave my car some much needed TLC. With an Earnest loan, I was able to take care of some serious problems under the hood and also some cosmetic details. Now the Batmobile will easily see 160,000 more miles!”

We’re proud of the dollars we put back
 in your pocket in 2016.

$226.8 million

Total estimated savings by student loan refinancing clients this year alone.


Average savings for clients who refinanced student loans.

$10.5 billion

Savings if we applied Precision Pricing to all Americans with outstanding student loans today.

How we made savings happen in 2016

Hint: It wasn’t magic. Just innovative technology and exceptional service.


SMS conversations our Client Happiness team has had with applicants and clients.


Amount of downtime during
 our big transition to in April.


In May we launched our iPhone app. 5,553 downloads and counting.


Number of recipients of The Teller, the Earnest newsletter that we launched in February.


Pageviews to the Earnest Help Center since it launched in May.


Total number of blog posts published to enlighten your understanding of money.


Total job applicants in 2016. And we’re still hiring!

Forward together

We’re proud of what we accomplished in 2016—but also humbled by the huge achievements of our clients. Thank you for being a part of our success, and letting us be a part of your journey.

Sam P

JD Dedman School of Law
Dallas, TX

Achievement Badges

We bought our first home! But on top of that, it’s a great floor plan with a big backyard in which to play and grill. We also had our first child, a son, and celebrated six years of marriage to my beautiful and talented wife. His current talent is being the cutest little social butterfly you’ve ever seen.

I started my own solo firm and have been busy ever since! Can I call myself CEO for starting a solo firm?”


In November our CEO Louis Beryl was interviewed on Jim Cramer’s Mad Money.

Jiordan Castle

BA in English, University of San Francisco
New York, NY

Achievement Badges

We adopted a pug! His name is Hacksaw and he’s by far my favorite thing about 2016. I also moved from Senior Writer to Managing Editor to Digital Content Manager — all within 2016!”

Symone K.

Peace & Conflict Studies, Colgate University

Detroit, MI

Achievement Badges

Got married in Hawaii, became a manager of policies and procedures, and paid off $32,000 in debt in 6 months!”


Our bond credit rating on our fourth securitization. We’ve completed four securitizations faster than any other student loan refinancing company.

A. Ruggles

BFA in Interactive Media Design, Illinois Institute of Art - Chicago
Chicago, IL

Achievement Badges

It was thanks to Earnest and being able to skip a payment that we were able to have the last little bit of savings to purchase the house that’s absolutely perfect for us. It has space for my two-year-old son to run around and be a kid. We love every little bit of it.”

Angela Choy

MBA, Santa Clara University
Bay Area, CA

Achievement Badges

In January I founded startup to help provide personalized and affordable college admission advice to students across the country. We launched [this fall] and I am still working full time in my regular job.

After refinancing, the interest payment is a lot less now. Knowing I can get my student loans paid off within five years makes me feel that I am making progress.”

Our blog’s best data stories 2016

Some of our clients’ most interesting statistics and superlatives, based on Earnest data analysis.


Average transaction size at Starbucks in 2016. Collectively, we spent $5.7 million at the coffeeshop in 2016!


Average monthly spend on Uber and Lyft by people who live in big cities.


The age when you shop the most at IKEA.


The average pay gap between men and women (compared to 20% in the general public).

Political Science

The most popular undergraduate degree for law grads.


Proportion of people 30-35 years old who own their own home.


More states we began lending in: Iowa, Idaho, Louisiana, Montana, North Dakota, and Vermont—we are now available in 43/50 states!

Elifaz Filho

Graduate of Hack Reactor
San Francisco, CA

Achievement Badges

Finally I have a house where I can get that bass drop going and also have a dog and a pool for two and decorate the outside with christmas lights. Also, made the jump from SugarCRM Admin in Florida to Software Engineer in San Francisco.”

Jennifer Williams

MFA from Mills College, BA from Seattle University
Oakland, CA

Achievement Badges

Became QA specialist in member support at Credit Karma, went to Portugal, Sweden and Denmark, and paid off all my credit card debt thanks to Earnest and a balance transfer.”

We celebrated our third birthday in September.

Alex Gohl

BS in Music Industry Management, Ferris State University
Washington, D.C.

Achievement Badges

Went to Riviera Maya at the best resort in Mexico, the Rosewood Mayakoba! Also, snowboarded at Whistler Blackcomb mountain resort and dined in Vancouver. Aggressively paid down my debt, including refinancing my loans with Earnest! Now I have one easy payment with one fixed interest rate, and a single lender.”

Different sports played by Earnies in the Silicon Valley Sports League this summer.

Total merit badges awarded to Earnest employees, including 18 ‘Success Kid’ badges.

Name of blinky noise-sensor project at our first ever company-wide Hackathon in August.

Hello 2017

In the coming year we’re excited to continue making the Earnest experience evermore amazing—and expand into some new territory. We look forward to serving thousands of new clients, as well as all of you who are already part of the family. Sound exciting? Join us!

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